Kate Middleton NOT In “Bulimia Battle,” Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Bulimia

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Bulimia

(National Enquirer)

Kate Middleton is NOT in a “secret bulimia battle,” despite an alarming tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can correct the sensational report.

The new cover of the National Enquirer exclaims with faux concern, “Royal Family Heartbreak: 89 LB. Princess Kate’s Secret Bulimia Battle!” More dramatically, a headline inside the issue declares, “Royal Crisis As William’s Wife Fights For Life!” According to the story, Middleton is “fighting a killer eating disorder that forces her to throw up after nearly every meal!”

It’s alleged, “Prince William’s 89-pound, 5-foot-9 wife has been desperately trying to hide her torment from the world,” but it’s now “exposed” because of… Band-Aids. The supermarket tabloid points to five times over the last two years that Middleton was photographed with bandages on her fingers or hands.

This is “highly suspicious,” a “weight loss expert” tells the publication, suggesting they are signs of “cuts” from forced vomiting. What’s more is that the article claims “key members of the royal inner circle revealed Queen Elizabeth fears for the 35-year-old beauty’s survival, and noted Kate’s weight has continued to plummet.” It’s even said that “Kate’s skeletal appearance has triggered gut-wrenching memories of the mother-in-law she never knew — the late Princess Diana who also suffered from bulimia in secret.”

“But she’s in denial — insisting she doesn’t have a problem,” a supposed source is quoted as saying of Middleton. “William has repeatedly urged his wife to check into a treatment center and get life-saving help.” And with the Duchess now “at the breaking point,” an the alleged insider adds, “The sad fact is Kate’s obsession is out of control. Instead of a body to die for, she’s ended up with a condition that can be fatal!”

It seems, however, that the National Enquirer is the one with the obsession. In 2015, the outlet announced Middleton was anorexic and “starving herself to death.” Then, last year, was a story contending Middleton was in a health crisis over the stress of royal life.

Now readers are supposed to believe Middleton is bulimic. The truth, however, is that she has the same thin frame she’s always had, as she is naturally built that way, just like mom Carole and sister Pippa. And, frankly, if the National Enquirer was truly worried about the royal’s well-being, it wouldn’t plaster these unfounded allegations on its cover just to sell magazines.

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