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Kate Middleton did not do an exclusive interview with a tabloid about Meghan Markle. Gossip Cop can state outright there is a bait-and-switch going on.

World Exclusive Interview… About Kate Middleton

The cover of New Idea places a photograph of Kate Middleton beside the words “World Exclusive Interview” and, in quotes, “Please Make Mehan Stop.” The obvious conclusion the tabloid wants you to reach is that Middleton has spoken to the tabloid so she could dish about her supposed mortal nemesis, the Duchess of Sussex. Such an interview would be extremely out-of-character for her and a direct betrayal of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following their statements against the British tabloid press.

Opening up the tabloid reveals the interview is with “royals author Andrew Morton.” Gossip Cop can say the cover claim is bogus on its face. Plus, Middleton and Markle have no beef. Middleton and Prince William publicly wished Markle a happy birthday earlier this week.

What Did Not Kate Middleton Have To Say?

This article continues the story that the upcoming book Finding Freedom was “written with the help from some of the Sussexes close friends.” Prince Harry and Markle have said they “did not contribute” to the book, but the tabloids are pushing this narrative anyway.

As for the article itself, it’s the same old tabloid tale. Morton calls Middleton a “loyal wife and will always be his loyal wife,” which we can’t really disprove. He says “William and Harry were a genuine double act” and this alleged rivalry is “just a very sad situation.” We suppose it is sad that the brothers don’t want to live near each other, but frankly, that’s just a part of life. Brothers move, families get further apart. This is only world news because of the royal blood involved.

One more devious claim is made in the tabloid. Regarding Prince Harry and Markle’s lack of condemnation toward the book, the tabloid prints “if they don’t condemn the content, we can assume they have no problem with the narrative.” Excuse us New Idea? This tabloid runs thousands of heinous and false stories about the Sussexes, so here it is trying to say every story is true unless specifically denied. Not condemning something is simply not the same as an active endorsement.

A Remarkably Messy Track Record

New Idea has done nothing but tarnish the reputation of Meghan Markle. It claimed Prince Harry left Markle alone in the pandemic to return home in the UK, which was completely untrue. A month later, it claimed the two would divorce over a second pregnancy. It even paraded around this ludicrous story that Markle was secretly suing the royal family so the queen could never see Archie again.

This tabloid is not to be trusted when it comes to matters of the royal family. It does not tell an honest story about Meghan Markle, and can’t even honestly report who it has interviewed. This cover story is completely bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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