Kate Middleton “Brainwashed” Claim NOT True

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Kate Middleton Brainwashed

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Brainwashed

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Kate Middleton has not been “brainwashed,” nor is she trying to distance herself from the royal family, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the absurd story.

It was recently reported that Middleton and Prince William will likely spend Christmas with her family, instead of with Queen Elizabeth at Sandringham. If the plans carry out, it will mark only the second time the couple has celebrated the holiday with the Middletons since they wed in 2011. And it will be the first time since welcoming kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

To most observers, it seems Middleton and Prince William are just trying to make sure their children have well-rounded holiday experiences with both sides of their families. But that’s not how Celeb Dirty Laundry is spinning it. There, a headline on Monday dramatically reads, “Kate Middleton Brainwashed By Carole Middleton To Distance Family From Royals — Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Ruined By Commoners!”

After noting the reported plans, the site ridiculously alleges that, as a result, “Queen Elizabeth and Carole Middleton’s feud is about to explode.” Even more ridiculously, the webloid goes on to claim, “This is Carole Middleton’s way of trying to control Kate and her grandchildren. Some even say that Carole wants to distance William and Kate from the royals altogether. She sees how miserable her daughter is and is stepping in to finally do something about it.”

CDL actually asks, “Do you think Carole Middleton is brainwashing Kate Middleton?” No, we don’t. But Gossip Cop has to wonder about the people responsible for the outlet’s inane articles about the royal family. Earlier this month, there was silly, stupid story about Middleton being “jealous” Camilla Parker Bowles met Lady Gaga. And before that was a tall tale about Middleton being “furious” People magazine published a feature on her mom.

According to that, Middleton was upset not only with her mother for allegedly using the royal family to get publicity for herself, but also “ashamed” of her mom. But now, according to this new post, Carole Middleton is the “mastermind” behind her daughter supposedly distancing herself from the royals? When taken together, these two contradictory articles don’t make much sense.

And even apart, they don’t pass the smell test. Middleton and Prince William are spending Christmas with the Middletons simply because that’s what they want to do this year. It’s really not more complicated than that, and it in no way means Carole Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are going to have a dust-up over it. Middleton wasn’t “brainwashed” into the plans, nor is she trying to distance herself from the royal family. Celeb Dirty Laundry is just airing dirty laundry that doesn’t actually exist.

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