Kate Middleton Boob Job Claim Is False

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Kate Middleton Boob Job

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Boob Job

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Kate Middleton did NOT get a boob job, despite a report speculating she underwent a “secret breast augmentation.” Gossip Cop can BUST the sensational story.

The allegation comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry, which states in a headline, “Kate Middleton Secret Breast Augmentation During French Summer Holiday — Duchess of Cambridge Bigger Bust?” The accompanying story says, “Kate Middleton appeared a bit more busty than usual during the Cambridge’s visit to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly last week. At first there was speculation that Kate Middleton is pregnant with Royal baby #3. But there’s now buzz on the Internet and various reports that Kate’s not pregnant but had a secret breast augmentation during the Cambridge’s summer holiday in France.”

The webloid goes on to tastelessly speculate about the size of Middleston’s breasts, wondering if her chest recently looked enhanced only because of “the fit of the dress and a really good push-up bra that showed off Kate’s bosom.” But in regards to a different outfit, it’s said, “It was undeniable at that point, something happened because, at best, Kate’s has an average cup size.” In fact, the whole article continually goes back and forth between wondering if there’s a non-surgical reason for Middleton’s supposedly bigger bust and questioning whether she went under the knife.

“Is it that we didn’t notice Kate’s bust line before because the world is always so focused on her stomach wondering if the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant?” asks the site. “Maybe Kate gained a little bit of weight while enjoying some time off from her never-ending Royal engagements? Adding a few pounds to her stick thin frame could account for the increase in Kate’s breast size.”

But then the blog wonders, “Did Kate Middleton sneak in a breast augmentation while in the South of France with Prince William? It is a reasonable guestimate that the future Queen needed a breast lift after giving birth to two children. Why not go up a cup size or two while under the knife getting your droopy chest nipped and tucked?” There’s even a dig at Prince William, with it being said, “Now it’s Prince William’s turn — goodness knows the future King needs to do something about his looks.”

Gossip Cop, however, doesn’t make snap judgments based on a couple of photos, particularly when it comes to the private matter of people’s bodies. And while the Palace won’t officially comment on such matters, we’re told the boob job speculation is “ridiculous rubbish.” Of course, this is all coming from the same outlet that previously said Middleton’s vacation in France was to address marriage problems with Prince William. That was total rubbish, too.

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