Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton! Gossip Cop Blows Out 5 Wrong Rumors In Royal’s Honor

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Kate Middleton Birthday Rumors

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Birthday Rumors

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Kate Middleton turns 34 on Saturday, and Gossip Cop is celebrating her birthday by looking back at five royally wrong rumors we exclusively “blew out” about the Duchess of Cambridge recently.

We’re less than two weeks into 2016, and Gossip Cop has already had to correct two false tabloid claims. On Wednesday, the new issue of OK! hit newsstands with a cover wrongly announcing the Palace “confirmed” Middleton and Prince William are the new Queen and King after Queen Elizabeth supposedly decided over the holidays to step down and force Prince Charles to give up his claim to the throne. Of course, no such decision was ever made.

Also this week, Life & Style alleged Middleton announced to family over Christmas that she’s expecting her third child. Once again, no such announcement was ever made. The magazine’s report came just a few months after a similar claim. And there’s still no pregnancy.

Less than a month ago, in late December, the National Enquirer went as far as claiming Middleton was “starving herself to death.” The supermarket tabloid had the gall to quote a doctor who NEVER treated or even met the Princess as saying her condition could be “lethal.” The alarmist piece, however, was nothing more than fake concern, mock outrage, and shameful sensationalism.

It came after a November story in the National Enquirer that alleged Middleton’s secret “sex life” diaries were missing. The sordid report claimed she was in a “royal panic” over the missing journals, which supposedly also included unflattering remarks about her famous family. An insider assured Gossip Cop the allegations were “not accurate.”

And last October, Middleton was the subject of a made-up “nasty feud” with Kim Kardashian. In a cover story, Star absurdly alleged the two were fighting because Kardashian’s attempts at forming a friendship were rebuffed. But the article was a complete lie, with both Kardashian’s rep and a Palace source telling Gossip Cop there was no issue between them.

Middleton no doubt understands that her position comes with an extreme amount of media attention. But she needn’t put up with baseless gossip from rags that would never actually be given access to her private life. And that’s why Gossip Cop will continue separating fact from fiction all year long. For now, we sincerely wish Middleton a rumor-free birthday.


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