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Kate Middleton has not given birth yet, despite a report about the Duchess and Prince William "bringing home" their third baby. Gossip Cop can bust this story. While Middleton's due date is this month, she has not yet gone into labor as of this writing.

But the new cover of OK! announces, "Breaking News From London," and promises to tell readers "all about the royal baby," including "George & Charlotte's first meeting" with their sibling. To further dupe people into thinking the birth has happened, the front of the issue features a photo of Middleton holding a baby, but the picture is from 2013, when she left the hospital following the birth of Prince George. The tabloid digitally changed the color of Middleton's shirt from blue to pink in hopes fans wouldn't immediately realize that it is a years-old snapshot that was seen around the world at the time it was originally released. See the original and doctored images below.

To continue with its deception, the article itself is headlined, "Kate & William: Bringing Home Baby." The gossip magazine further teases, "The next heir is here! Get a sneak peek into the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's early days with their third child." It's specifically claimed that the "Cambridge family [headquarters] is abuzz with excitement over the arrival of Duchess Kate and Prince William's third bundle of joy," and that "the weeks surrounding the birth have been a nonstop celebration."

A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Everyone is just overjoyed that the baby is finally here." The publication's supposed source continues, "Kate had a lot of difficult with this pregnancy, but it's worth it to witness the love a new child brings to the whole family. Kate couldn't be happier." But the baby is not "finally here."

Contrary to the tabloid's "breaking news" proclamation and its declaration that "the next heir is here," Middleton has not yet given birth. The described "early days with their third child" are entirely fabricated. And Middleton and Prince William are certainly not "bringing home" a baby who has not been born yet.

Here's what's going on: Kensington Palace announced last fall that Middleton is due in April, and some have speculated her due date is more specifically late April. With parking restrictions already in effect outside St. Mary's Hospital in West London, the tabloid apparently decided to roll the dice and crafted this birth story in hopes that it'll be on newsstands when Middleton delivers. But the ploy has failed.

The issue was released on Wednesday, and Middleton has not gone into labor yet. Per tradition, Kensington Palace will announce when she has traveled to the hospital and is in labor, just as was done when Middleton was in labor with Princess Charlotte in 2015. There will then be a subsequent announcement when the baby has been born. Perhaps needless to say, but neither announcement has yet been made. In further evidence that the baby has not yet "arrived," on Tuesday Prince William attended a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. Had his wife given birth or been in labor, he would've been by her side.

Of course, it's no real surprise that OK! is trying to trick readers. This is the same tabloid that lied in December about the palace "confirming" Middleton was expecting "twin girls." Notably, this new fabrication is all about one baby being born and conveniently doesn't make mention of the gender. It's quite obvious the magazine has no real insight and is more interested in spreading fiction than fact.


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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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