Kate Middleton NOT Banned From Pippa’s Wedding, Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Banned Pippa Wedding

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Banned Pippa Wedding

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Kate Middleton has NOT been “banned” from Pippa Middleton’s wedding, despite a report falsely claiming Queen Elizabeth has forbidden her from attending. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

A headline in Life & Style announces, “The Queen Bans Kate From Her Sister’s Wedding.” It’s further said, “Her Royal Highness has spoken! An eyebrow-raising stunt gets Kate Middleton blocked from sis Pippa’s nups.” So, what supposedly happened?

Well, it’s convoluted. Pippa is engaged to James Matthews, whose brother Spencer Matthews is a reality star and model, who recently posed in public wearing nude-colored underwear with topless women to promote a new style website during London Fashion Week. The magazine now wants readers to believe Queen Elizabeth is upset by the actions of Kate’s sister’s fiancé’s brother. Like we said, convoluted.

The tabloid claims Queen Elizabeth was so “horrified” that she’s “banned Kate from attending her own sister’s ‘I do’s to eliminate the risk of even more embarrassment.” A so-called “source” alleges, “She phoned Prince William and yelled at him, saying he and Kate absolutely cannot go to the wedding. Kate burst into tears when William repeated the conversation to her. But William is terrified of his grandmother, so for him, what she says goes.”

Now plans for Kate to be matron of honor, with her kids serving as ring bearer and flower girl at an alleged Scotland-based ceremony next year, are supposedly ruined. Yet the outlet also notes that “Pippa still expects Kate to show at her wedding.” That was slipped into a photo caption accompanying the story, allowing the tabloid to cover itself in case Kate does go to the nuptials.

Because the truth is that Queen Elizabeth would never “ban” Kate from attending her own sister’s wedding, and whether or not she goes will have nothing to do with Queen. Life & Style, which has proven how little it knows about the family by repeatedly running false Kate pregnancy stories, just wanted to give the appearance of drama. That’s why, in August, it ran a whole story about Kate supposedly being worried Pippa’s future brother-in-law will spill royal “secrets.”

That article was just as convoluted, as it was predicated on Kate telling secrets to Pippa, who would tell James, who would tell Spencer, who would tell his girlfriends, who would then tell the media. That’s the kind of drawn-out logic we’re dealing with here. It was a made-up controversy, and this new wedding story is one, too.

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