Kate Middleton NOT Cradling “Baby Bump,” Despite Report (PHOTO)

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Kate Middleton Baby Bump India

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Baby Bump India

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Kate Middleton is not pregnant, despite a report sensationally speculating about a “baby bump” based on photos taken in Bhutan. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Middleton has spent the last week in India on an official royal tour with Prince William. On Friday, they attended a formal reception in Bhutan. The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for the occasion wearing an orange dress with a poppy print, a nod to the country’s national flower.

Many outlets covered the appearance, but RadarOnline is the only to claim Middleton “suspiciously cradled her stomach” at the event. The webloid writes, “The Duchess of Cambridge cradled her belly, leading to speculation that she could be expecting royal baby #3.” The site adds that Middleton “looked curvier than usual in the dress that clung to her stomach.”

And yet all of that is nothing more than blatant exaggerations. Middleton was never once photographed “cradling” a “baby bump.” She merely had her hands in front of her in proper form as she politely interacted with fellow guests (see above). In fact, some angles show that she wasn’t actually touching her stomach at all (see below).

Furthermore, while the clinging dress accentuated Middleton’s waist, there was nothing to suggest a blossoming belly. And certainly if she was pregnant, the royal would not have gone on a five-hour hike as she did with her husband earlier in the day. She probably wouldn’t have gone on the trip to India and Bhutan at all.

Gossip Cop already corrected RadarOnline sister publication OK! earlier this year for falsely claiming Middleton was pregnant with twin girls. Both tales, new and old, are royally wrong.

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Kate Middleton is pregnant again.


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