Kate Hudson NOT Expecting Twin Girls, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Kate Hudson Twin Girls

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Kate Hudson Twin Girls

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Kate Hudson is not expecting twin girls, contrary to a report that’s both late and wrong. Gossip Cop actually already debunked this claim back in April. We can now set the record straight again.

“K-Hud’s Surprise! It’s Twin Girls,” reads an inaccurate headline in the new issue of NW. According to the article, Hudson has always wanted to have a daughter, but she has “even more reason to celebrate as rumor has it” she and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa are “actually expecting twin girls.” The tabloid contends the actress is “keeping quiet on the news that she’s actually got two buns in the oven.”

Of course, the phrase “rumor has it” is a tip-off that the magazine has no first-hand knowledge or direct confirmation. In fact, as the story goes on, the outlet cites the OK! article we busted a month and a half ago, and quotes from there, “A subsequent ultrasound revealed she’d be welcoming not one daughter but two.” NW has no independent reporting to add. Instead, it relies entirely on the old, debunked story to fill out its own report.

As Gossip Cop pointed out then, the actress has made clear she is only carrying one child. For example, on Hudson’s Instagram in April, just two days before the original “twins” claim was first published, she wrote about hanging out with close pal Steven Tyler, captioning a photo, “Baby girl got some good hugs from Papa Tyler this weekend.” Note that Hudson said “baby girl” singular, not “baby girls” plural. Indeed, in a subsequent Instagram post on May 1, she wrote about expecting “number three,” not “three and four.”

Furthermore, when Hudson spoke to People last month about her third pregnancy, she said that she’ll still be “outnumbered” in her home because she and her future daughter are still less in number than the males, Fujikawa and her two sons. Obviously, if she was really expecting twin girls, as alleged, the gender ratio would be balanced three and three. And just a week ago, Hudson shared on Instagram a photo of her bare bump with the hashtag, “#Shesgettingbig.” Notably, she didn’t say, “They’re getting big.”

Conclusion: OK! was the first to claim, albeit wrongly, in April that Hudson is expecting twins. Now NW is belatedly repeating the contention in June. Despite the passage of time, the magazine has no new evidence to prove the allegation is correct, and no reputable outlet has offered corroboration. In contrast, there is more proof from Hudson herself that she is having just one baby girl. And while the publication conveniently contends she’s “keeping [it] quiet” that she has two babies on the way, it suspiciously never offers a reason why. As a result, Gossip Cop has determined this twins storyline is still untrue.


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