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Kate Hudson Pregnant


Kate Hudson is not pregnant, despite a made-up cover story sensationally asking, "Who's The Daddy?" Gossip Cop has exclusively learned it's all fake news.

Star is offering a very dramatic, but entirely untrue cover this week. It blares, "Kate Hudson Pregnant! But Who's The Daddy?" Photos of Brad Pitt and Danny Fujikawa are featured, along with the salacious tease, "Torn between two lovers." Another cover line asserts, "Goldie finally getting granddaughter." Goldie Hawn actually already has a granddaughter through her son Oliver Hudson, but that inaccuracy is arguably the least of the problems here.

Inside the issue, an equally false headline exclaims, "Kate's Pregnancy Shocker: Who's The Dad — Danny Or Brad?" But right away, the tabloid backs away from the definitive "Kate Hudson Pregnant!" declaration featured on the cover. In the introduction to the actual article, it's merely said that "friends believe a baby's on the way." Well, it doesn't really matter what "friends believe." What matters is the truth, which is where this gossip magazine gets tripped up.

The story itself is also far from conclusive. "The buzz is that the Mother's Day star is at least four months pregnant," contends the outlet, "and she's expecting a baby girl." So, "friends believe" Hudson is pregnant and there's "buzz" that she's four months along, but it's somehow known for sure that she's carrying a girl? Those are enough holes to sink a ship. And a so-called "friend" is quoted as saying, "I'm sure the news came as a total shock to Kate. She must be overjoyed."

Wouldn't a "friend" actually know for sure whether or not the news was a shock and if Hudson is actually overjoyed? The sketchy language is a clear indication that the publication and its supposed "source" have no direct knowledge of this purported pregnancy. Of course, a real pal of Hudson's wouldn't be talking to the tabloid anyway. But it only gets worse from there with implications about the actress's sex life.

The magazine's snitch contends, "Danny may think [the baby] is his, but the fact is, Kate didn't waste a second hooking up with Danny after she split from Brad, so I think it's impossible at this point to know who the father might be." It's ironic that this person, if he or she even really exists, would say "the fact is," given that it is factually incorrect to say that Hudson and Pitt split when they never even dated. That was a romance fabricated entirely by Star, and Gossip Cop debunked it repeatedly, including earlier this year when the tabloid tried to get out of its relationship lies with a made-up Hudson-Pitt breakup story.

The publication also falsely alleged last December that Hudson was pregnant with Pitt's baby. Gossip Cop rightly busted the tall tale at the time. Naturally, though, that made-up pregnancy cover story isn't mentioned anywhere in this new made-up pregnancy cover story. That, however, didn't stop the tabloid from quoting the aforementioned "friend" speculating, "I wouldn't blame Kate if she freaked out a bit when she learned she was pregnant. I bet she immediately started scrolling through her calendar, trying to see if she could narrow down the conception date so she could figure out if the baby was Brad's or Danny's."

Again, an actual pal wouldn't need to wonder "if" Hudson freaked out or make the guess that she probably started trying to figure out the conception date. A real friend would know and a real friend wouldn't be blabbing about it like this supposed source, who goes on to guess whether or not Hudson will tell Fujikawa about her paternity concerns. The alleged and quite possibly fictional friend even adds towards the end of the piece that Hawn "can't wait to get the granddaughter she's always wanted."

Gossip Cop sincerely hopes Oliver's 4-year-old daughter never reads that. And speaking of the actress's brother, we'd be remiss not to point out that in January Oliver mocked Star for falsely claiming Hudson was dating Pitt. To say the tabloid has little credibility is an understatement. Yet despite all of these signs pointing to this new pregnancy cover story being a fabrication, Gossip Cop still carried out an investigation as normal. We reached out to multiple sources, including Hudson's reps, and no one could confirm she's pregnant.

We also contacted the actress's lawyer to find out if she'll be taking legal action against the magazine, whose story, in addition to spreading sordid insinuations about Hudson's sexual habits, could affect her career by misleading potential casting directors into thinking she is pregnant and not available for upcoming projects. Gossip Cop will monitor how this fake news continues to unfold and let readers know how it plays out.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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