Kate Hudson: Hillary Clinton “Likability” Doesn’t Matter

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Kate Hudson Hillary Clinton Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Hudson Hillary Clinton Interview

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Kate Hudson says Hillary Clinton’s “likability” shouldn’t matter in the presidential election. The actress makes the comment in her new Marie Claire cover story for the magazine’s October issue.

“There’s so much focus on her likability. I want to elect a president to get the job done,” Hudson argues. Seemingly referring to the Democratic National Convention, she goes on to recall, “When she took the stage, I got incredibly emotional.”

To her, Clinton represents what women can accomplish, despite doubters. Hudson tells the magazine, “As a woman, and as a working mom trying to get things done, you find yourself meeting adversity a lot, but you never talk about it because you don’t want to bring attention to it. You don’t want to go there.”

The star’s support of the Democratic nominee for president is no secret. As Gossip Cop reported more than a year ago, Hudson was one of the celebrity supporters who contributed to Clinton’s campaign in 2015, helping Clinton raise a record-breaking $47.5 million in just three month’s time. That was accomplished in part through a fundraiser hosted by Hudson’s best friend, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, who is married to Tobey Maguire.

Later that year, Hudson herself co-hosted a Clinton fundraiser with her Wish I Was Here co-star Zach Braff. She also dissed Republican rival Donald Trump in an interview this past March.

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