Kate Hudson NOT “Dumped” While Pregnant, Despite Report

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Kate Hudson Dumped

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Kate Hudson Dumped


Kate Hudson was not “dumped” while pregnant. She and Danny Fujikawa are still very much together. Gossip Cop can debunk this provably wrong tabloid cover story.

Star blares on its new cover, “Kate Hudson Pregnant & Dumped!” Inside the issue, a headline similarly asserts, “Kate Hudson Pregnant & Alone.” It’s specifically alleged in the article that Hudson has been “dumped by her rocker beau.” Describing the expectant actress as “beyond heartbroken,” a so-called “baby blabber” is quoted as saying, “She thought Danny was The One, and now it looks like he’s bolting for the door.”

Contending that the couple became engaged after Hudson found out she was pregnant, a supposed “source” claims to the magazine that they “butted heads from the start [and] couldn’t even agree on a wedding date, which was a bad sign.” It’s asserted Fujikawa was “apparently shocked by how bossy his baby mama became” once he moved in with her, and that “things finally came to a head” while the pair was in New York earlier this month celebrating the musician’s birthday. “Kate was being a pill, and Danny couldn’t take it anymore and walked out,” alleges the outlet’s purported tipster.

It’s even speculated that Hudson’s “rumored fling” with Brad Pitt negatively affected the relationship, with the anonymous insider theorizing that it “must have left Danny feeling pretty insecure.” But Hudson herself shot down rumors about dating Pitt last fall, backing up the multiple times Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming they were in relationship. Twice the publication even peddled cover stories contending Hudson was pregnant with the actor’s baby. Time has shown just how wrong the tabloid was, and now there’s plenty of evidence proving it is also indisputably wrong with this breakup narrative.

Just one day before this “dumped” issue hit newsstands, Hudson and Fujikawa hit the beach in Greece, where they are happily vacationing as a couple, joined by her famous family. In fact, Us Weekly reported last week that Hudson is taking time off until her due date, and shared, “Kate and Danny are madly in love.” And on Monday, in a story about how Hudson is “crazy” about Fujikawa, People reported they are “doing great.”

Conclusion: While Star is alleging Hudson has been “dumped” by Fujikawa and left “alone,” they’ve spent the last few days on vacation together, as documented by photos. In the last week, two reputable magazines have also reported they are “madly in love” and “doing great.” In contrast, this unsubstantiated split claim is from the same tabloid that previously lied about Hudson being pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby. The publication even brings up the “rumored fling” in this cover story, even though the actress herself has gone on record to confirm they never dated. So not only is there ample proof that Hudson and Fujikawa are still together, but it’s also evident that Star is not credible. For these reasons, Gossip Cop is giving this story a zero.


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