HollywoodLife published a story on Wednesday about Kate Hudson "finally" revealing "what went down" between her and Brad Pitt. What the webloid doesn't mention is that the actress also exposed the site as liars. Allow Gossip Cop to explain.

Nearly a year ago, HollywoodLies, as it's known, falsely claimed Pitt and Hudson were dating after picking up an untrue report from the Australian tabloid Women's Day. The outlet contended that while the actor was "focusing on work" in the wake of his separation from Angelina Jolie," he was also "starting a new romance" with Hudson "behind the scenes." Without fact-checking the claim, the online publication excitedly asked, "Do we have a REALLY hot new couple on our hands!?"

Gossip Cop exclusively learned the claims weren't true, and we were the first to bust the Pit-Hudson dating rumors. We continued to rightly separate fact from fiction when tabloids like Star went on to make up stories about Hudson being pregnant with Pitt's baby. HollywoodLies, on the other hand, continued spreading such misinformation, willfully ignoring all the corrections. As recently as July, the blog regurgitated false allegations about Hudson supposedly being pregnant and unsure if Pitt was the father.

But now that Hudson herself has spoken out against the falsehoods, the webloid is completely ignoring how it spread those very lies. "Kate Hudson Finally Reveals What Went Down Between She & Brad Pitt After His Divorce," reads the headline of the new story, in which the site explains how Hudson was asked about the Pitt romance rumors on Tuesday's "Watch What Happens Live" and shut them down. "That was the craziest rumor of all time," Hudson said.

In fact, she confirmed what Gossip Cop reported in March: Hudson and Pitt haven't even seen each other in years. But HollywoodLies isn't acknowledging that this "truth" was available for months and months. It is pretending that there was this big mystery that Hudson finally ended, and is also acting like it never spread the untrue claims in the first place. The outlet actually has the gall to ask its readers, "Did you believe the Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt dating rumors?"

The publication never admits that the blog itself "believed" the rumors. But now that Hudson has backed up our reporting, she has provided further evidence that HollywoodLife was lying last year and often doesn't know what it's talking about.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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