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Has Kate Hudson been "dumped" by her baby daddy Danny Fujikawa? That's the premise behind a new tabloid cover story. The report, however, is 100 percent untrue, and Gossip Cop can prove it.

According to the latest issue of Life & Style, Hudson is "absolutely devastated" after getting "dumped" by Fujikawa. The outlet further asserts, "Coming to terms with being a single mom of three hasn't been easy for Kate." "She's in a state of disbelief about her split," says an unnamed and untraceable individual who's simply identified as a "source."

So what was the reason for the purported breakup? The publication's anonymous "source" maintains that Fujikawa "hates her wild lifestyle." And to make its point, it notes how she threw a Halloween party in October and another bash in April for her 40th birthday.

Perhaps because neither of those events sound out of the ordinary or "wild," the publication's highly suspect tipster alleges there was a "recent bash" during which the "drinks were flowing and everyone was having a good time, except for Danny." The "source" says Fujikawa has become tired of all the parties, and told Hudson "enough is enough and walked out" on her. Glaringly, the tabloid never states when the supposed "bash" took place or who was there, even though it rattled off the list of attendees at her birthday and Halloween parties.

Without any proof whatsoever, the publication also insists Hudson and Fujikawa have had "countless bust-ups" over her "flirting" with other men, as well as clashes over the actress being "much wealthier than Danny." The outlet adds how Hudson fortunately has tremendous "support" from everyone, including her mom, Goldie Hawn, who would "love to set Kate up with someone who also comes from a Hollywood dynasty." And if there isn't a right guy from that subset, the so-called "source" contends, "Goldie thinks now that Brad [Pitt]'s officially single, he and Kate would actually make a great couple." Curiously, the magazine made this same phony claim about Hawn wanting Hudson to date Pitt a full two years ago.

The tabloid ends its cover story with its supposed "source" saying, "[Hudson's] terrified she'll never find love again... She doesn't want to end up single and alone." Luckily, she doesn't have to worry about that because Hudson was never "dumped" by Fujikawa. The couple, who welcomed daughter Rani eight months ago in October, is still very much together. And it's not just Gossip Cop saying that. It's Hudson, too.

Actually, at the same time we're debunking the magazine's made-up tale, the actress, Fujikawa, and her kids are vacationing on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Hudson even shared an Instagram story featuring Fujikawa by her side having lunch there. And just a few days ago, Hudson also posted a video on Instagram, which Fujikawa shot and can be heard on, of her making flourless banana pancakes.

The celebrity magazines like to write a lot about Hudson, but far too often they're inaccurate. Life & Style's sister outlet, Star, claimed a year ago on a cover that Hudson got "dumped" by Fujikawa while still pregnant with their daughter. That was followed up by an equally fictitious front page article that Gossip Cop corrected about how Hudson was "dumped" by Fujikawa in the delivery room. It bears mentioning how that report was published a full two months before Rani was even born. The only ones who should get "dumped" are the tabloids' unreliable sources.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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