CLAIM: Katie Holmes Is “Lonely,” Has Become “Isolated” And “Reclusive”

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Katie Holmes Lonely

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Lonely

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Katie Holmes is wrongly made out to be a lonely, old maid in an off-base story featured in the new issue of Life & Style, which falsely claims the actress has become “reclusive” and “completely isolated.” Gossip Cop can bust this mean-spirited article, with Holmes’ rep exclusively telling us it’s “all lies.”

According to Life & Style, Holmes has “no romantic prospects” and daughter Suri is her “only friend and companion.” The tabloid’s source claims Holmes is always “on her own,” and places the blame squarely on the star’s failed marriage to Tom Cruise, alleging that she “lost touch with her old friends” during the relationship, and then became “cut off” from Cruise’s pals following their divorce.

Life & Style claims Holmes seemed happy when she and Suri first moved to New York after the split, but felt her career options were limited, leading to her recently relocating to Los Angeles, which the magazine’s “source” alleges has “cost her dearly.” The issue, says the supposed tipster, is that Holmes’ career is improving but she’s “lonely.” Complicating matters, says Life & Style, is that “there’s no one on the horizon” romantically for Holmes, and that she’s supposedly “hesitant to trust anyone new.” The magazine’s “source” adds, “Katie’s almost reclusive. She’s afraid to connect with anyone. She immediately puts up a wall.”

In actuality, that’s exactly what Life & Style does. The magazine routinely “puts up a wall” between fantasy and reality, choosing to print fiction over truth, and twisting facts to suit its needs. For instance, the outlet fills out its piece by pointing out how she attends events with her publicist instead of going on dates, as though that’s evidence she’s become a spinster. Newsflash to Life & Style: Virtually every celebrity attends events with their publicist.

In addition to telling Gossip Cop exclusively that Life & Style’s story about Holmes is “all lies,” the actress’ rep slams the magazine for seemingly printing “lies on a weekly basis.” Furthermore, the spokesperson tell us that Life & Style routinely fails to “call to fact check.” Well, that’s apparent.


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