Kate Gosselin Did NOT Lock Son In Dog Crate, Despite Report

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Kate Gosselin Son Dog Crate

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Gosselin Son Dog Crate

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Kate Gosselin did NOT lock her son in a dog crate, despite a wildly sensational report labeling her a “monster mom.” Gossip Cop can reveal what’s actually going on.

RadarOnline blares in a dramatic headline, “SCARY REALITY: Monster Mom Move? Kate Gosselin Posts Photo Of Son Aaden Locked In Dog Crate!” The accompanying story says, “From spanking her eight kids to covering them in trash bags for raincoats, Kate Gosselin has made many controversial parenting decisions over the years. But the ‘Kate Plus 8’ star’s latest move could anger even her most die-hard fans.”

The site explains that Gosselin “posted a photo of her son Aaden, 12, locked in a dog crate with the family pet, Nanuq.” The webloid goes on to note, “Though Kate implied that her preteen chose to climb in, the cage appears locked from the outside.” The implication, of course, is that Gosselin purposefully locked up her child, perhaps as a form of punishment.

And yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. The picture in questions shows Aaden smiling widely as he cuddles up with their dog (see photo below). Gosslin explained in her Instagram caption, “I asked Aaden to keep Nanuq company for a few minutes while I cleaned her area…this is what he did! They played toys and snuggled! #ILoveThisBoy #TrueLoveForHisPup #Dedication.”

Indeed, many parents and pet owners can attest to seeing their kids willingly go into their dog’s crate to play. It’s usually cute, which is why Gosselin shared the snapshot. Also, it’s worth noting that the reality matriarch’s post is from more than a week ago. There was no controversy around it until RadarOnline decided to make one and wrongly spin a sweet moment into a mother menacingly locking up her son, which clearly isn’t what happened.

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Kate Gosselin locked her son in a dog crate.


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