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Did Karlie Kloss invite Katy Perry onto her TV show because Taylor Swift refused to appear? A report claims Swift turned down an invitation, leading the model to book Perry "out of spite." Gossip Cop looked into the story.

According to Star, Swift "banished" Kloss from her "squad" after she invited "rival" Perry to appear on Freeform's "Movie Night With Karlie Kloss." The series features the model playing games, baking and chatting with famous pals while the network broadcasts a beloved movie, such as "Never Been Kissed." Participants have included Kaia Gerber, Victoria Justice, Jourdan Dunn, Ruby Rose, Ashley Graham and Kendall Jenner, among others.

But the tabloid alleges that when Swift was given the opportunity to be a guest, she let her longtime friend down. "For months, Karlie begged Taylor to be on the show, but she kept giving excuses," a so-called "mutual friend" is quoted as saying. It's unclear why a purported pal would be talking to the gossip media, and it's not said what the supposed "excuses" were.

Nevertheless, the outlet's alleged tipster asserts Kloss was "fed up," and "not-so-gently reminded" Swift how she's been a "shoulder to cry on" through various trials and tribulations, such as breakups, the singer's sexual assault case and her feud with Kim Kardashian. But the publication maintains Swift was "incensed" that Kloss was allegedly trying to guilt her into appearing on the program and "blocked her bestie." Blocked her on social media? Blocked her on her cell phone? The tabloid doesn't say.

But the magazine's specious "source" goes on to claim Kloss was "hurt and shocked," so "out of spite, she had Katy on her show." Yet no episode has aired featuring Perry, nor was she one of the many celebrities listed as guest stars when "Movie Night" was announced last October. The show also hasn't been broadcast in weeks and no future airings have been publicly scheduled as of yet.

Here's what appears to be going on: When the series was first announced last fall, The Blast reported Swift "politely declined" to take part in "Move Night" due to "scheduling issues." Fast-forward to earlier this month, when Kloss and Perry hung out together. It seems Star has now decided to combine those two separate things to form this narrative about Kloss bringing Perry onto her show to get back at Swift for not agreeing to appear. But this version of events is unsupported.

No credible publication has reported Swift and Kloss having a dispute over the program, a claim the singer's camp denies. There's also currently no indication Perry will be making an appearance on "Movie Night." Furthermore, the tabloid has a documented history of concocting friendship woes involving such stars. Last September, for example, the magazine falsely claimed Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively had a falling out all because of Swift. The outlet might like to write about "bad blood" with Swift and other female celebrities, but its stories are often unsubstantiated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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