Did the Kardashians actually hire a private investigator to follow Blac Chyna?! That's the crazy claim coming from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop, however, knows the truth.

RadarOnline announces in a headline, "Betrayed! Rob Kardashian's Sisters Hire P.I. To Catch Cheating Blac Chyna." The story dramatically begins by asserting, "Blac Chyna is no match for baby daddy Rob Kardashian's wealthy, vindictive sisters!" It's then alleged, "Kim, 36, Kourtney, 37, and Khloe, 32, have waged an all-out war against their brother's on-again fiance after she was reportedly spotted groping another man over the weekend."

"Rob's sisters have hired a private investigator to follow Chyna and catch her cheating," a so-called "family insider" is quoted as saying. But, claims the site, "Though they'd certainly like to get rid of Dream's volatile mother once and for all, the reality stars are not looking forward to catching her in the act."

Explains the alleged tipster, "It is a double-edged sword. Rob's sisters know that, if they catch Chyna cheating, it will break Rob's heart! The last thing that anyone wants is for Rob to slip back into the dark depression he was in before meeting her."

But this isn't the first time RadarOnline has alleged the Kardashians were enlisting a private investigator to track their brother's fiancee. Last September, the webloid claimed the sisters had done just that out of fear Rob wasn't the real father of Chyna's baby. Gossip Cop exclusively busted that contention at the time, and now that the site is trying to peddle the same untrue garbage, we can debunk it again. "The story is false," a rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

By the way, the online publication's sister outlets have run false private investigator claims about the family, too. Last year, the National Enquirer said Kris Jenner was having boyfriend Corey Gamble followed, and OK! said Jenner had investigators spying on Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend. Perhaps it's time to retire this P.I. lie.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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