Are the Kardashians "jealous" of Jennifer Lawrence's relationship with their mom Kris Jenner? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids, but Gossip Cop can exclusively shoot it down. We're told it's entirely wrong.

According to Life & Style, ever since Jenner surprised Lawrence, a "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fan, with a cake at the actress's 25th birthday in 2015, their friendship has "gotten under the skin of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie." A so-called "Kardashian insider" tells the magazine, "The girls are tired of the phone gabfests, texts and joking around that goes on between J-Law and Kris." "They're beyond jealous," asserts the alleged source.

The publication then brings up how both the Kardashian matriarch and the Oscar-winner have been open about their booze-filled antics, including when Lawrence once ended up naked in Jenner's closet. The actress discussed that evening with Kim when Lawrence interviewed her as a fill-in host on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in November. Also mentioned is how Lawrence surprised Jenner with a toy Porsche for Christmas. As widely reported, Jenner publicly thanked Lawrence on Instagram, with a note next to a picture of the mini-Porsche that read, "My BFF #Jenniferlawrence asked me what i wanted for Christmas and of course I said a Porsche, DUH. My girl didn't disappoint. Thank you Jen I love you!!! #bffsforever #christmassurprise #jlaw #soexcited."

With that as its backdrop, the tabloid maintains Jenner and Lawrence's relationship has "gotten on the nerves" of the momager's kids. The outlet's supposed "insider" contends, "The girls kind of feel like they're being replaced by J-Law." "They can't stand how close she has gotten to Kris," concludes the ill-informed or possibly manufactured tipster.

While it's true that the two women are close pals, the idea that their friendship has "gotten on the nerves" or "under the skin" of Jenner's own daughters is absurd. But since Gossip Cop fact-checks every story, we reached out to a slew Kardashian-Jenner sources and not one could confirm the tabloid's tale. In fact, among the responses we received from our impeccable insiders were "not true," "false" and a few unprintable words that convey the magazine's article is wrong.

Granted, one should take Life & Style's reporting about Lawrence with a grain a salt. It's the same publication that Gossip Cop corrected when it reported Lawrence and Darren Aronosky were planning a wedding shortly before the two split up. It's also same tabloid that has previously claimed Jenner was secretly married to Corey Gamble, running for mayor of Calabasas, and was pitching a TV special about Kim's robbery in Paris. Not one of the aformentioned articles were remotely true and neither is the current one about the Kardashians being "jealous" about Jenner's friendship with Lawrence.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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