Kardashians Interview With Megyn Kelly – Watch “Today” Show Video

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Kardashians Megyn Kelly Today Show

By Shari Weiss |

Kardashians Megyn Kelly Today Show


The Kardashians’ interview with Megyn Kelly aired on Thursday’s “Today” show. It featured Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the Kardashian-Jenners filmed their interview with Kelly back in April. The sit-down was to mark the 10th anniversary of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which debuted in 2007. While producer Ryan Seacrest also participated in the celebration, Rob Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner notably did not. And although it was expected Kelly was saving her interview for the debut of “Megyn Kelly Today,” now it ended up airing a few days before her hour of the “Today” show premieres next week.

“I don’t think we anticipated it lasting for 10 years,” Kim said of “KUWTK.” Kelly noted the family has become “huge targets,” and asked, “Was it worth it?” Replied Kris, “I think the fact that we get to be together as a family and be together every day, and we’ve had this amazing ride, with so many blessings, that I think we’re really happy with where we’re at right now.” Kim also agreed it’s been worth it, because even her “worst experiences” taught her “so much.” She even said that if wasn’t for the show, “I wouldn’t have met my husband, I wouldn’t have my babies.”

Still, Kendall and Kourtney pointed out the difficulty of being followed at all times, especially when they want to keep some things private. Kim also acknowledged feeling like she lived in a safe “bubble” prior to her robbery, calling the traumatic incident an “eye-opener that life has to change.” Pointing out the family has received a lot of criticism for seemingly being superficial, Kelly point-blank asked, “Are you a force for good or a force for evil?”

“I think honestly, through our show we’ve shown so much more positive things,” responded Kim. “And the amounts of feedback we get, even from, you know, Kendall and Kylie’s dad transitioning and people not knowing how to handle that and how to deal with that. They only want to focus on, ‘Oh, they’re superficial, they’re wearing makeup, oh, they’re this.'” Momager Kris also argued that the detractors are only a “very small percentage,” bragging that the family has “hundreds of millions of followers.” And Kendall, in a reference to Kylie said, “My little sister has an insane business, and anyone who says they don’t want their kid to be like that and have an insane business at 19 and literally be so successful is insane to me.”

Khloe also hit back at the suggestion that they’re showing young kids unattainable beauty, insisting that parents at home have a responsibility to teach their children “what core values are.” And if their fame all went away, “we’d definitely figure it out as a family,” Kris said, adding, “I think it’s gonna come to an end sooner or later. It’s something we’ve enjoyed doing together as a family for so long and it’s been such a blessing that I think we would have the best home movies ever of life and have some really amazing memories.”

On Sunday, E! will air a “KUWTK” anniversary special, before the new season premieres next week. Check out full video of the “Today” interview with Kelly below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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