Kardashians Slammed For Fur Coats

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By Shari Weiss |

(Khloe Kardashian/Instagram)

(Khloe Kardashian/Instagram)

The Kardashians are getting slammed for wearing fur in new photos Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian shared on Instagram. See right and below.

Late Monday, both sisters posted photos of themselves in fur coats, posing with third sister Kim Kardashian and friends Malika and Kadijah Haaq. All of them are wearing long fur coats in different designs. The pictures were taken in Cleveland, where Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson is based.

In the hours since the snapshots were uploaded, Khloe and Kourtney’s posts have become filled with comments from fans and critics ripping them for their style choice. One apparently now-former fan with the handle @americajuju wrote in a series of comments, “KHLOE KARDASHIAN CLAIMED SHE DISLIKED FUR!!! WHAT A LIE!!! AS A FAN I AM BEYOND DISSAPOINTED. I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THE SHOW AND PROTEST AGAINST IT!!” The user went on, “WHAT TYPE OF FAME DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE, where you believe it’s okay!!! KARDASHIANS ARE ANIMAL KILLERS!!!”

@iamkmo wrote, “If it’s not real fur then post it but it looks real to me!!” @denap830 declared, “That is a disgusting photo. #furkills.” @nickle_lopz told Khloe, “Although you may think its cute, its selfish. And you would kill animals just to look ‘in style’? ALL WRONG.” alexandra.sasha24 also said, “what’s really crazy is how you wear fur that was once a breathing animal,” adding, “NO HUMANITY.”

“If you ask them about a real world issue, I wondered what their answer would be,” remarked @cali.sunkissed. @missusiee implored, “Pls don’t wear fur! Animals are worth more than just a coat. Imagine yourself being one of them and now imagine someone wearing your fur and skin.” But one supporter,, shared a laughing emoji, writing, “y’all really think they’re wearing real fur don’t you.”

In all fairness, there’s no way to tell from the photos if the fur is real or faux. Still, @bru.nsilva exclaimed on Kourtney’s page, “My God! This skin is real? CRUELTY! I admired your lifestyle, not anymore!” @valthevegangal urged, “Please stop wearing what is #notourstowear Shop #crueltyfree #loveanimals.” And @gimme_boulie_cats said, “Oh no please…. All that fur, it’s so so sad… please, open your mind and stop that cruelty! For animals and for you childrens… Be kind with animals! #peta #animalcruelty.”

The Kardashians have a long history of clashing with animal rights supporters over fur. Kim was infamously flour-bombed by a PETA activist in 2012. In 2014, Khloe wore a fake fur coat spray-painted with “f*ck yo fur” on it, a show of support for the other side. But Kim was confronted by anti-fur protesters at a book signing in 2015, and just last fall, Khloe and Kourtney were targeted as they headed into a charity event.

And those are just a couple examples, as there’s been other controversial incidents over the years. Apparently none of that, however, has deterred the sisters from putting fashion first. Check out the latest pictures below.


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