Kardashians Were NEVER Filming At Lamar Odom Hospital, Despite Report

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Kardashians Film Lamar Odom Hospital

By Shari Weiss |

Kardashians Film Lamar Odom Hospital

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The Kardashians were NEVER filming at the Las Vegas hospital where Lamar Odom remains in critical condition, despite a fabricated report. Once again, Gossip Cop can correct the story.

The new allegation comes from RadarOnline, which is trying to cover one lie with another. As Gossip Cop reported, the webloid claimed on Wednesday that the Kardashians brought a camera crew to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to film Odom’s health crisis for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Gossip Cop, however, was the first to debunk the claim, with a rep for Kim Kardashian exclusively commenting to us, before E! released its own statement confirming no filming was taking place whatsoever.

Now that RadarOnline was proven wrong, the site is digging itself into a deeper hole with a convenient but equally false explanation to cover up its original mistake. In a story posted Thursday, it’s claimed “a crew was indeed on hand — in the beginning,” but “the family has called off the ‘KUWTK’ cameras.” A so-called “family friend” is even quoted as saying, “The hospital is shutting down the cameras for filming of ‘KUWTK’ because they were getting complaints and it was just getting out of hand.”

Let’s be clear: No REAL Kardashian “family friend” would be talking to RadarOnline during this time… or really ever. The webloid has a history of publishing false stories about the clan and routinely spreading misinformation in hopes of scoring clicks. It’s shameful under normal circumstances, but even more so during this tragic situation.

And yet RadarOnline wants us to actually believe it when its supposed source says, “Khloe feels that she should be able to film inside because it is her right to do so. She says she wants to be able to have this footage to show Lamar when he wakes up.” Right.

RadarOnline was caught with a false story, plain and simple. But rather than admitting its mistake, the site decided to run another false report for the sake of exploiting Odom’s medical emergency. It really doesn’t get any lower than that.

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The Kardashians were filming Lamar Odom in hospital for their show.


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