Kardashians “Drove” Lamar Odom To Overdose?

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Kardashians Drove Lamar Odom Overdose

By Shari Weiss |

Kardashians Drove Lamar Odom Overdose

(In Touch)

The Kardashians absolutely did NOT “drive” Lamar Odom to overdose, despite a new tabloid cover story sensationally claiming he was “destroyed” by the famous family. Gossip Cop can correct this shameful report.

The story is in the new issue of In Touch, which hit newsstands on Wednesday with a cover photo of Khloe Kardashian hovering over Odom… while he was at the dentist. The misleading picture is presented without context, as if it was recently taken during the former NBA’s medical emergency. That’s just one of the many issues with the magazine’s coverage of this very serious situation.

Inside the magazine, In Touch claims “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” “sparked a wild sex-and-drug-fueled bender” that landed Odom in the hospital. A “Kardashian family insider” is quoted as saying, “The Kardashians destroyed Lamar,” as if any “family insider” would say such a thing, especially an untruth like that to a tabloid like In Touch. And the only evidence of how the Kardashians “helped destroy him” is regurgitated details from past “KUWTK” plotlines.

Here’s the sad reality: Odom struggled with drug addiction long before he ever met the Kardashians. It is a chronic disease of the brain, and not something that can be blamed on a third party. To suggest the family directly caused Odom’s overdose is not just reckless, but also could potentially have legal ramifications. Odom’s health crisis is sad enough without tabloids like In Touch, which has spent years misreporting about both the Kardashians and Odom, sensationalizing it.


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