Kardashians Feuding Over Sexiest Bikini Body?

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Kardashians Bikini Body

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Kardashians Bikini Body

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Are the Kardashians feuding over which sister has the “sexiest” bikini body? That’s what a certain webloid wants readers to believe, but Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

In a purported “exclusive” published on Tuesday, RadarOnline declares, “Bikini Wars! Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Feuding Over Sexiest Beach Body.” The story, however, is really just clickbait to get readers to “click through 9 of the Kardashian trio’s sexiest summer shots.” Alongside a photo gallery of what it terms the “twisted sister trio,” the site alleges they’ll “do anything to be the hottest Kardashian in a bikini,” and are “battling it out behind the scenes for the best beach body.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Kim is working out harder than ever because she is incredibly jealous of how hot her sisters have gotten. She is used to being the hottest sister and it is just not that way anymore. And she hates it!” The outlet then ridiculously asserts Kourtney has “blindsided her entire family with her incredible new figure,” as if her appearance has suddenly changed.

In actuality, she’s always been fit and trim. Still, the online publication’s supposed snitch goes on to claim, “Khloe and Kourtney have to work out non-stop to maintain their healthy hot bodies, whereas Kim just goes under the knife and gets procedures such as cool sculpting done. It is just not fair.” No, what’s not fair is RadarOnline collecting bikini photos for an exploitative photo gallery that is filled with made-up allegations.

While the Kardashians do have a friendly rivalry, they actually often work out together. They share a mutual interest in looking their best and, yes, flaunting their bodies. But the notion that they’re “feuding” and “battling” is false. In fact, this piece actually reminds Gossip Cop of another one the webloid tried peddling more than six months ago. Though less salacious, that tale alleged the Kardashians were racing to see who could get pregnant first. Even Kylie Jenner was included.

Like now, there was a kernel of truth: The women all would like to have more kids, or in the case of Jenner and Khloe, have their first babies. But a competition between them? It was sensationalized nonsense for the sake of traffic. It’s the same situation here. It’s true the Kardashian sisters all like to sport bikini-ready bodies, but any jealousy is of a playful nature, not a serious feud.