The Kardashians Are NOT Banned By Oscars, Despite Report

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Kardashians Oscars

By Michael Lewittes |

Kardashians Oscars

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The Kardashians are not banned by the Oscars, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated claim. We’re told it’s “ridiculous.”

According to RadarOnline, the Kardashians get “snubbed every year” by the Academy Awards. The often disproven website notes, “The Oscars brought together some of the biggest stars in the world this year,” before adding that once again “the Kardashians were locked out.” A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “The Kardashians want to go to the Oscars every single year, but they’re not invited.” The same seemingly ill-informed or possibly manufactured source continues, “Kris Jenner would love to be on the stage with all her daughters presenting the Best Picture award, but that’s never ever going to happen.” “The show doesn’t even want them in the audience,” further alleges the supposed tipster.

For starters, the Kardashians are not “banned” or “locked out” of the Oscars every year. They simply don’t attend because they’re not movie stars, nor have they been in films that have been nominated for Academy Awards. Gossip Cop has attended the Oscars around a dozen times, and knows firsthand that the audience is filled with film people and their relatives or dates, and a smattering of journalists covering the awards show. It’s not for reality stars who have no affiliation to the ceremony.

Additionally, the webloid seemingly also fabricated how Jenner wants “all her daughters presenting the Best Picture award.” Again, that honor doesn’t go to stars on E!, and Jenner is fully aware of that. The last statue handed out at the Oscars is presented every year by a past Academy Awards winner. So don’t count on the cast of “The Royals” announcing next year’s Best Picture.

And the claim that “the show doesn’t even want them in the audience” is also befuddling. They could, of course, attend as someone’s guest without the fear of being “locked out.”

Notwithstanding the article’s false assertions, Gossip Cop still looked into the webloid’s main claim that the Kardashians have been banned from attending the Oscars, and an Academy insider assures us there is no such edict or policy. “That’s ridiculous,” says our impeccable source.

Of course, Gossip Cop is not surprised by this concocted tale. Not long ago, we exposed RadarOnline for falsely claiming to have video of Kim’s robbery in Paris. Much like that and a slew of other reports from that outlet about the Kardashians, this latest story about them being banned from the Academy Awards is entirely untrue.