Kardashian Sisters Racing To Get Pregnant?

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Kardashians Pregnant Competition

By Shari Weiss |

Kardashians Pregnant Competition

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Are the Kardashians racing to get pregnant? A new report claims there’s a competition to see which sister can add to the famous family first. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

RadarOnline exclaims in a headline on Monday, “Race To The Maternity Ward! Kardashian Sisters Battle To Get Pregnant FIRST!” It’s similary said in the accompanying story, “The Kardashian-Jenner women are vying with each other to see who can get pregnant first!” A so-called family insider specifically alleges Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, along with Kylie Jenner, “are in the midst of a race to get pregnant next.”

Following the births of Saint West a year ago and Dream Kardashian last month, “All the girls have gone baby crazy,” claims the supposed source. “Now all the sisters, except for Kendall, want to have babies.” The piece goes on to run down each sibling’s situation.

With Kourtney and Scott Disick supposedly on their way to a full-on reconciliation, “They’ve been talking about another kid to seal the deal,” alleges the outlet’s snitch. Kylie, of course, is only 19, but the tipster says she’s “going nuts” over Dream, and her “ovaries pulsate” whenever she sees the month-old infant. For Khloe, the “insider” vaguely asserts, “Khloe’s decided she wants her dream baby with or without a man.”

Lastly, in regards to Kim, the alleged tipster contends, “She’s been looking for a surrogate for a long time — something Khloe says disqualifies her from the race. It’s all become too much!” Actually, it’s this article that’s too much.

Noticeably not mentioned anywhere are Tyga, Tristan Thompson, and Kanye West, who ostensibly would have to play a role in their significant others getting pregnant. West and Kardashian also clearly have more pressing issues right now than rushing to expand their brood. And it was just days ago that RadarOnline claimed the reality star had a secret “major illness.”

It’s telling that nothing is said about that serious claim in this new article. As for these new allegations, they have a kernel of truth to them. There is no denying that Kourtney and Kim want to have another baby at some point, and both Khloe and Kylie are looking forward to having their first.

But none of the sisters is in competition with one another. And with each sibling’s relationship in a very different state, it makes no sense that they’d be racing to see who can get pregnant first. In short, Gossip Cop is told the report is simply “ridiculous.”

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