‘A Very Kardashian Holiday’ Recap

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Kardashian Holiday Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Kardashian Holiday Recap


The Kardashians celebrated Christmas on Sunday’s special holiday episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” titled “A Very Kardashian Holiday.” Highlights included Kim Kardashian getting competitive over decorations, and Kris Jenner and Khloe competing in a bake-off. Get the recap below!

Early in the show, Kim, Kourtney and their kids were making gingerbread houses when Kim began complaining about everyone in the family stealing her Christmas decorating ideas. “Does anyone want to hear the story from last year about how Kourtney copied me on my Christmas lights?” she asked the group. Kourtney tried to defend herself by insisting that Kris had picked out the lights for her, but Kim instructed her sister not to copy her again for the upcoming holiday.

Later, Kim, Kourtney and Kris visited a Christmas prop shop to buy holiday decorations, which Kim took very seriously. She first pointed out the Christmas lights she was purchasing and told her mom and sister not to copy her. Kris and Kourtney, however, both mocked Kim by teasing that they already bought the same lights at the store “last week.” Kim noted in a confessional, “Last year, Kourtney and I got into the most epic fight because she fully copied my lights. I have warned everyone that I will come for them if they even dare try to copy anything that I’m doing this holiday season.”

After tagging several items in the store, Kim thought it best not to share her ideas with the rest of the family, but she got annoyed when she noticed her mom choosing similar wrapping paper. Kris tried to explain she was getting a different color, but her daughter wasn’t having it. Kim compromised by allowing her mom to use the wrapping for her trees, but not for her packages. Kim then pointed out a large and heavily ordained tree. “See this is the kind of Christmas tree I want,” she said. “I want like a real bark tree. But I won’t tell all my ideas out loud, my mom is somewhere lurking.”

Kris then asked Kourtney what “vibe” she was going for when it came to her holiday decor, and her daughter admitted, “I’m going for my same vibe as last year.” Kim chimed in, “Well, why don’t we not talk about our vibes. That way, no one can steal a vibe.” Kris then commented on a large statue of a gold angel, but Kim told her mom she already had dibs on it. “I just took photos of it,” said the reality star, but Kris accused her of lying just so she could get it for herself.

Later, Kris and Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban decided they should put on disguises before going Christmas shopping so they don’t get recognized. The momager explained in a confessional, “In recent years, it’s become a little more challenging to go shopping to say the least because you start to get recognized and the minute you take a selfie with someone, everyone wants a selfie and then I get distracted and I can’t get my shopping done.” She further noted that disguises are “the perfect solution to not really being able to concentrate and focus on our Christmas list.”

Kris then put on a blonde wig and Jonathan wore a fake mustache before FaceTiming Kim to explain their plan. “What are you guys doing?!” a confused Kim asked. “We’re going shopping for some trucks for my grandchildren,” Kris said in a Southern accent. “Guys, I’m in the middle of doing interviews,” she told them. But Kris shot back in character, “Well you can go take your interviews and screw yourself!”

Khloe later criticized her mom for serving store-bought desert at the family’s parties so she challenged her to a bake-off to see who could make the best deserts from scratch. Khloe proposed that they cook several different deserts and ask the family which ones tasted better. Khloe told her mom, “You’re going down,” while Kris shot back, “May the best chef win.” Meanwhile, Kim and Kourtney took their kids to volunteer at a food drive and help feed the homeless. “I really want my kids to realize that the true meaning of the holidays is giving back,” said Kourtney in a confessional.

Later, Kris and Khloe served their deserts to Kim, Kourtney, Jonathan and Kris’s mom MJ so they could critique their baking skills. Kris served her “famous lemon cake” and brownies, while Khloe served strawberry and blackberry pie. After deliberating on the deserts, Kim announced, “We think that Khloe won this one.” However, she further noted, “But we would rather have your deserts on Christmas eve.” When Khloe exclaimed, “Why?!” the group explained that the lemon cake was “nostalgic” and tradition was important to them.

During their holiday dinner, the family went around the table and said what they were grateful for. Kim said she’s happy about arrival of a new baby via surrogate, to which Kim added, “I used to pray that one of you guys would have a baby. And now it’s like a faucet you can’t turn off.” The momager also noted that she was blessed to have such great children and grandchildren.

Meanwhile, after learning that Kim was setting up an ice skating rink in her backyard as part of her Christmas decorations, Kris decided to get revenge by making her own. “She’s taking this way too seriously, so I kind of want to mess with her,” the momager said in a confessional. She then told Kim’s friend Jonathan, “She’s going to die when she sees my ice skating rink!” before letting out an evil laugh. The family then went outside into Kris’s backyard where Jonathan greeted them dressed as Santa Claus. Kris then unveiled the ice skating rink, where former Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was waiting. Kris then tried to rub the spectacle in Kim’s face, but her daughter shot back, “I lied about getting the ice skating rink.” As the episode ended, the whole family got into the rink and skated around as a fake snow machine created a winter wonderland.

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