Kanye West Did NOT Tell Kim Kardashian She Can’t Attend Will Smith Funeral, Despite Report

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Kanye West did not tell Kim Kardashian she cannot attend murdered NFL player Will Smith’s funeral, despite a made-up and tasteless report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told it’s all “not true.”

According to the repeatedly discredited RadarOnline, Kardashian has “infuriated her husband” by going to New Orleans, where Smith was killed and his wife Racquel was injured in a road rage incident by an individual identified as Cardell Hayes. The webloid trots out one of its so-called sources as saying, “Kanye told Kim NOT to go to the funeral, but she decided to go at the last minute. He is furious.” It should be noted, however, it’s hardly last-minute since Kardashian arrived in the Big Easy on Tuesday, and the funeral isn’t happening until Saturday.

The webloid, which untruthfully states the couple is now “fighting over everything these days,” alleges the reason West is supposedly so angry about being in New Orleans is that her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, who played alongside Smith, will be at the funeral. “Kanye doesn’t want Kim to go” and pay her respects, claims the outlet’s questionable source.

Now, that you’ve read the fiction, here are the facts Gossip Cop has gathered so far. It remains to be seen whether Kardashian will spend the next five days in New Orleans because of her commitments, including her children, back in L.A. On Tuesday, Kardashian visited her friend Racquel Smith at University Hospital, where the late football player’s wife is recovering from a gunshot to her right leg.

Irrespective of whether Kardashian attends the funeral, Gossip Cop is assured by sources close to her and West that there never was an argument about her heading to New Orleans. If anything, West fully approved of his wife spending time with her injured and deeply grieving friend Racquel. Additionally, we’re told the webloid’s angle about West being concerned that his wife might leave him if she were to see her married ex-boyfried at a funeral is so far beyond “absurd.” An impeccable Kardashian insider once again assures Gossip Cop, the latest tall tale from RadarOnline is entirely “not true.”

Sadly, this false claim is just one in a long string of inaccurate and seemingly fabricated reports by the webloid. Earlier this week, Gossip Cop debunked an inaccurate story from the outlet, which wrongly claimed West and Kardashian’s recent getaway in Vail was a “vacation from hell.” The site’s Vail-fail came just a week after we busted it for also concocting the couple is “miserable” in their new Bel-Air home. A skeptic might think that RadarOnline is simply making up stories that time proves to be incontrovertibly wrong simply because it may value traffic over the truth. Irrespective, despite all the manufactured accounts by the blog over the past few months and even years about West and Kardashian supposedly “fighting” and being on the verge of “divorce,” the two remain very happy together.

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Kanye West told Kim Kardashian that she can’t attend Will Smith’s funeral in New Orleans.

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