Kanye West NOT Ending Taylor Swift Feud At VMAs, Despite Reports

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Kanye West VMAs Taylor Swift Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West VMAs Taylor Swift Feud

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Taylor Swift and Kanye West will not be facing off or ending their feud at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, despite reports. Swift will not be in attendance, nor was she ever expected to be.

On Thursday, MTV confirmed Kanye West will be one of the many celebs at Madison Square Garden on Sunday for this year’s ceremony. One report claims the network has given him exactly four minutes on stage to fill however he wants. Naturally, that’s prompted a lot of speculation from outlets like HollywoodLife about a reunion with Swift.

At last year’s VMAs, the songstress presented the rapper with the MTV Vanguard Award, six years after West infamously interrupted Swift on stage. But the peace was short-lived. The two superstars have spent much of this year feuding, mainly because of West’s song “Famous,” and its controversial lyric, “I made that bitch famous.”

But Swift and West won’t be making up on stage, or publicly fighting in front of the audience, either. The country-turned-pop singer has no intention of attending the VMAs this weekend, and never did, regardless of West. As she indicated earlier this year, Swift is done with awards shows for now, as 1989 has run its course.

When the nominations were announced last month, many places, such as Us Weekly, said Swift had been “snubbed” by the VMAs since she didn’t score any nods. In actuality, Gossip Cop was exclusively told she didn’t submit any music videos for consideration. It was clear then that Swift would not be attending the ceremony, so don’t expect a showdown or lovefest with West now.

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Taylor Swift and Kanye West will end their feud at the VMAs.

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