Kanye West Did NOT “Vent” About Taylor Swift At Saint Pablo Tour Opening Night

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Kanye West Vent Taylor Swift Saint Pablo

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Vent Taylor Swift Saint Pablo

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Kanye West did NOT “vent” about Taylor Swift at the opening night of his “Saint Pablo Tour,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

In a so-called “exclusive,” HollywoodLife on Thursday night claimed West was “preparing to ‘vent’ about Taylor Swift in front of a LIVE audience at the opening night of his Saint Pablo tour on Aug. 25.” The site said, “The stage will be completely his on Aug. 25 to mark the official start of his Saint Pablo tour in Indianapolis — and he’s going to use it to shine a new light on the [Swift] drama!” A supposed “source” was quoted as saying, “He has a love/hate relationship with Taylor and is planning on venting about her to the crowd.”

The outlet’s alleged tipster further claimed, “Kanye’s fans are like his therapy. And when it comes to Taylor, he needs a LOT of therapy. He’s keeping most of the specifics about Taylor to himself at the moment, but rest assured his show tonight will be OUT THERE.”

Here’s the thing: HollywoodLies published this story at 11:37 p.m. At that point, West’s concert was already well underway. And he did not speak about Swift at all during the show, aside from performing “Famous” as his second song of the night.

In other words, the webloid posted an article about West “preparing to vent” about Swift in advance of his concert, even though he was already on stage performing. And on top of that, the “venting” never even happened. So, does HollywoodLife have really bad sources here, or did the bad blog just make the whole story up?

Gossip Cop thinks the latter is much more likely in this case. The site also got it wrong earlier Thursday when it wrongly speculated about West and Swift ending their feud at the VMAs. As Gossip Cop has correctly reported, the singer will not be in attendance on Sunday.

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Kanye West vented about Taylor Swift on the opening night of his tour.


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