Kanye West In Hospital: What We Know

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Kanye West Hospital Updates

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Hospital Updates

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Kanye West remains in the hospital on Tuesday, hours after he was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation. Here Gossip Cop reveals what we know about the situation so far.

Public concern for West’s well-being escalated last week. It is not uncommon for the rapper to give opinionated speeches during his concerts, but eyebrows were raised last Thursday when he went on mid-show rant in which West revealed he would have voted for Donald Trump, had he cast a ballot in the election. His additional remarks on racism also caught others by surprise.

Claims, however, that West rapped “I hope they build a wall, I hope they get rid of them all” were false. Also untrue was a HollywoodLife story alleging the performer wanted to protect Mike Pence during the Hamilton controversy. Still, actual red flags did continue to emerge.

During a concert on Saturday, West made more unexpected comments when he ripped longtime friends Beyonce and Jay Z, and neglected to perform a full set. Then, on Sunday, West’s show for that night was called off just hours before it was to begin. On Monday morning, the rest of the “Saint Pablo Tour” was canceled and, by nightfall, West was hospitalized.

What specifically led to the hospitalization? At the time, the music star was at the home of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, where a doctor was treating West at the on-site gym. Suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation, Dr. Michael Farzam said on a 911 call that the patient — only identified in the conversation as “Jim Jones” — had gone into a state of “temporary psychosis.”

A police report indicates Dr. Farzam said he wanted West placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold. When emergency personnel arrived to respond to what was deemed a “psychiatric emergency,” he was taken via ambulance to UCLA Medical Center. Some sources dispute claims that West attempted to assault a gym staffer and that he had to be handcuffed during transport out of fear of potential violence.

These sources insist West actually went voluntarily, and agreed to admit himself for stress, but the police report seems to contradict that. One thing that’s not in dispute is that West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, was in New York at the time of the incident. She had flown cross-country Monday morning in anticipation of making her first post-robbery appearance that night at the Angel Ball, a gala event that was honoring her late father’s charity work.

But upon hearing of her husband’s crisis, she skipped the event and returned to Los Angeles. Understandably, the last month and a half has been a trying time for the couple emotionally as they continue to work through the reality star’s own trauma, while West attempted to fulfill his professional obligations as they raised their two kids. So far, they’ve resolved to work through any issues together, but their future is obviously cloudy right now.

And, as they did following Kardashian’s robbery, no one in the Kardashian-Jenner family has commented about the situation on social media. That said, a number of stars have used Twitter to send well-wishes to the Grammy winner. Gossip Cop will continue to have updates as appropriate.

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