Kanye West Did NOT Tell Travis Scott To ‘Man Up’ Before Kylie Jenner Gives Birth, Despite Report

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Kanye West Travis Scott Kylie Jenner

By Andrew Shuster |

Kanye West Travis Scott Kylie Jenner

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Kanye West did not tell Travis Scott to “man up” and be more supportive of Kylie Jenner before she gives birth to their child, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told it’s completely false.

HollywoodLife, which constantly pretends to have insider knowledge about the Kardashians, now purports to know the “exclusive details” of a “serious man to man talk” the two rappers had at the family’s Christmas party earlier this week. The site quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “It was an emotional conversation… but there was also an important point Kanye wanted to make to the younger rapper.”

The outlet’s phony insider continues, “Kanye made it clear to Travis that he needs to step it up big time. Kanye is protective of all of his family and wanted Travis to know that he better not let Kylie down in anyway once the baby arrives, ’cause Kanye will be watching.” Gossip Cop, however, is told by West’s own rep that he never lectured the fellow rapper about fatherhood.

Also, we’ve repeatedly been told that no one in the Kardashian family’s circle is speaking to HollywoodLife about Jenner’s pregnancy, or any other discussions that go on behind closed doors. As Gossip Cop noted a couple of days ago, the webloid initially reported that Scott missed the Kardashian’s Christmas party. We, of course, accurately reported that HollywoodLife was wrong again since Scott was in attendance. And yet after the outlet got that tidbit wrong, it wants its visitors to believe that the site now knows about an intimate conversation he allegedly had at the party?

Scott has admitted in past interviews that West is “like my stepdad,” which might be why this story was concocted, but the rapper didn’t give him a lesson in parenthood at the Christmas party. The webloid’s latest article is yet another example of fan fiction being sold as journalism. HollywoodLies, as it’s been nicknamed, has proven to have very little insight into the Kardashian-Jenner clan, so the site makes up fake narratives about the family instead. Notably, while that site hides behind purposely unnamed and untraceable sources, Gossip Cop checked in with West’s own people so our visitors can more transparently see what’s fact and what’s fiction.

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