Kanye West: “Tidal Apple Beef F*cking Up Music Game”

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Kanye West Tidal Apple Rant

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Tidal Apple Rant

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Kanye West ranted on Twitter on Saturday about rival music services Tidal and Apple. See a screegrab of the tweets below.

West has long-admired Apple, particularly its late founder, Steve Jobs. But he is one of the many celebrity co-owners of Jay Z’s Tidal. Unfortunately, fans sometimes end up losing out when one of the services offers something “exclusively.” Unless you’re a Tidal subscriber, you can’t get an album that’s a Tidal exclusive, and if you’re not an Apple Music subscriber, Apple exclusives are out of reach, too.

But West wants that to change. He tweeted, “This Tidal Apple beef is f*cking up the music game. I need Tim Cook Jay Z Dez Jimmy Larry me and Drake Scooter on the phone or in a room this week!!!” The rapper went on, “F*ck all this d*ck swinging contest. We all gon be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music. Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop tying to act like you Steve.”

West seems to be referring to speculation that Apple is interested in buying Tidal and combining the two companies. The possibility was first reported almost exactly a month ago, with it being said Apple was exploring its options. But it hasn’t ever been said since then if talks ever really began. And while Jay Z and Apple’s Tim Cook haven’t commented, it’s clear West would really like some action sooner than later.

Kanye West Apple Tidal Tweets


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