Kanye West NOT Releasing New Album “Swish” On iTunes As Diss To Jay Z’s Tidal, Despite Claim

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Kanye West Swish Jay Z

By Michael Lewittes |

Kanye West Swish Jay Z

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Kanye West is NOT dissing Jay Z by releasing his next album “Swish” on iTunes instead of Tidal, despite yet another completely inaccurate webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the rumor. We’re told there is absolutely no truth to the claim.

According to the highly unreliable MediaTakeOut, “West will announce this week that he’s releasing his new album entitled Swish as an iTunes exclusive.” The webloids adds, “Why an iTunes exclusive and not a Tidal exclusive like Rihanna, Nicki, and Jay and Bey are all doing? Well… because Kanye despises Jay Z right about now.” What’s more, says MediaFakeOut, as its known, “It could mean the end for Jay Z’s new company Tidal.”

The blog goes on to claim that West feels Jay Z and Beyonce do not respect him and Kim Kardashian enough, and “doesn’t understand why Jay and Bey want nothing to do with his wife and her family.” The webloid then swears up and down that its story is filled with “facts,” and that an “emotional” West releasing “Swish” on iTunes instead of Tidal is his way to “get back” at Jay Z.

Not one thing in the MediaFakeOut story is true. It is all 100 percent false, like so many other stories from that site, which Gossip Cop has busted, including it’s year-long claim that West and Kardashian are getting divorced. Regardless, we checked in with West’s rep, who tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the report about West releasing “Swish” on iTunes instead of Tidal is entirely untrue.


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