Kanye West NOT “Stalking” Amber Rose Or Want Her Back, Despite Report

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Kanye West Stalking Amber Rose

By Michael Lewittes |

Kanye West Stalking Amber Rose

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Kanye West is not “stalking” Amber Rose nor does he have “feelings” for her or “want” her back, despite an absurd story from an often equally absurd site. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report. We’re told there is “less than zero truth” to the claim.

According to MediaTakeOut, West was “caught stalking” Rose and her new boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly at the NBA Finals on Tuesday. The webloid even alleges that it “looks like [West] wants Amber back.” Then, based on absolutely nothing, the webloid says it’s “convinced that Kanye still has some feelings for Amber… and Amber still has them for Kanye.”

The site says it came to its conclusion after both West and Rose were at “Game 7” of the NBA Finals. That’s interesting, because there was no “Game 7.” The Golden State Warriors won in six games. Whoops.

While Gossip Cop doesn’t know how Rose feels, a source close to West assures us that he’s far from stalking her and he does not have feelings for her. He loves his wife Kim Kardashian and his daughter Nori. Regardless, a West insider tells Gossip Cop that MediaFakeOut’s latest take has “less than zero truth” to it. Just last Sunday, as Gossip Cop reported, West and Rose ended up at a birthday party for a model at Drake’s home, and he similarly avoided her there, too.

Not only has Gossip Cop repeatedly busted the webloid for its inaccurate stories about West, but the site has gotten so much wrong about the rapper that he himself has called it out for being f*ckin’ full of sh*t.”


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