Kim Kardashian Worried About Kanye West “Secret Love Child”?

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Kanye West Love Child

By Daniel Gates |

Kanye West Love Child

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Kim Kardashian is NOT worried about Kanye West having a “secret love child,” despite a new OK! report claiming his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose might be set to drop a “major baby-daddy bombshell.” Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the tabloid, Kardashian is “terrified” that Rose will reveal in a memoir later this year that West “fathered a child with another woman!” OK! does not know who this woman is, of course, or when West would have fathered the child, or any details whatsoever. Instead, the outlet’s source explains, “Kanye glosses over his dirty-dog past, but he has a long list of former conquests — including groupies, exotic dancers, students, video vixens and cocktail waitresses.”

The OK! insider adds, “Kim is obsessed with the idea that there’s a child out there who’s going to come after his fortune.” OK! points out that given Kardashian’s difficulty conceiving another baby, the “news that Kanye has a child with another woman would be especially crushing.”

Is this the new standard of reporting? OK! is speculating about Kardashian’s potential reaction to imaginary news about a West love child because the magazine believes Rose could reveal a bombshell. Even though Rose has said nothing of the sort. Even though there’s no evidence West had a child with someone before Kardashian. Even though no women’s names are mentioned. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “based on nothing.”


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