RuPaul loves Wyoming. Kanye West's ranch in Wyoming may be a hot topic in the tabloids these days, but he's not the only A-lister who loves spending time in the Cowboy State. RuPaul's husband, Georges LeBar, has had a spread up there for years.

RuPaul and LeBar have been together for almost 26 years, and they've been married for the last three. While RuPaul is mostly known for his glamorous and over the top fashion statements and for his runaway hit, RuPaul's Drag Race, he also loves to bring his iconic fashion statements to a more traditional part of the country.

RuPaul Is One Of Kind In Wyoming

In a recent appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, RuPaul arrived in full cowboy western wear. Host Kelly Ripa remarked, "I love this sort of western look." "I love me some western wear!" the reality star replied, donning a slightly southern drawl. He adds his inspiration for the look is his husband's homestead. "You know my husband has a 60,000 acre ranch in Wyoming," the star says. He goes on to say not many other people embrace the culture like he does. "When I'm there," he says, "I'm the only person wearing western wear in a 500-mile radius. The only one. They love it. Because people there don't wear it."

When Ripa's co-host, Ryan Seacrest, asks his guest what he did on the ranch, RuPaul answers, "Well, I do nothing. You know, Wyoming is the least populated state in the union so there is really not a lot to do. I read a lot of books." Ripa mentions how beautiful the state is and RuPaul agrees, saying, "It looks like Africa, actually."

RuPaul with his husband Georges Lebar at a red carpet event.

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The Couple Hit It Off Immediately

Life on the ranch is far cry from how RuPaul first met Lebar. The two met at the bygone, legendary New York nightclub Limelight in 1994. He was struck by Lebar's height. RuPaul stands at 6'4" and he had never dated anyone taller than he was. Lebar is 6'7". It was, for RuPaul, love at first site. RuPaul was in the midst of his career exploding on the back of his first hit, "Supermodel (You Better Work)" and Lebar was an Australian from Perth who had just inherited the ranch from his American grandmother. It's not a match you would expect, but the couple has lasted much longer than most.

Lebar is, in many ways, the absolute opposite of RuPaul. While the multi-faceted superstar loves to be in the center of the action and commands attention wherever he goes, Lebar is more like you'd expect of a rancher, quiet and reserved. He's never given a public interview, despite multiple requests. He does share one similar outlook on life with his partner though. They have both embraced an open relationship. "I love him too much to try to put shackles on him," the model told Vogue last year. You can't argue with success.

So next time you're in Wyoming searching for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, keep on the lookout for a very tall couple with the shorter one in western wear.


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