Kanye West Did NOT Skip Met Gala Because Of New Breakdown, Despite Report

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Kanye West Skipped Met Gala

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Skipped Met Gala

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Kanye West did not skip the Met Gala because he’s suffering from a new breakdown, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively clear things up and reveal the current state of the star’s health.

“What’s Wrong With Kanye?” Life & Style asks in its new issue. The headline is fairly ironic given that the tabloid doesn’t have accurate answers. According to the accompanying article, the “real reason” West was MIA from the Met Ball is because of another meltdown. “Real” is another ironic word choice for an outlet that so often publishes fake news.

Anyway, a so-called “insider” is quoted as telling the publication, “He’s not back to himself since the hospitalization.” The supposed source also alleges West can’t travel away from the West Coast. “Time [zone] and routine changes messes him up,” contends the tabloid’s purported tipster. Yet the magazine goes on to be contradictory. It’s said “listening to his doctor has helped Kanye improve considerably” since his hospitalization, yet all these “insider” quotes are about he hasn’t improved, with the alleged snitch even maintaining, “Kanye’s anxiety is at an all-time high.”

So, which is it? Is West still in throes of a breakdown or is he “considerably” better? The publication can’t have it both ways. It seems Life & Style just wanted to sensationalize West’s absence from the Met Gala, and so it crafted a largely untrue story. It is correct that West abstained from the ball as he didn’t want to return to the harsh glare of the spotlight, but that was not an indication that his life is as bleak as this story makes it sound.

In fact, the rapper has been holed up in Wyoming, working on new music. And last time Gossip Cop checked, that state is in a different time zone than California, which proves the falsity of the tabloid’s “insider” alleging he can’t travel between time zones. And while anyone with mental health issues knows you are continually a work-in-progress, a rep for West exclusively assures Gossip Cop, “He’s very much himself” again.

This isn’t the first time the magazine has peddled a made-up story about the performer tied to the Met Gala. Back in 2013, Gossip Cop busted a cover story that ridiculously alleged West and Kim Kardashian had split, in part due to a dispute over the dress she wore to the event. Four years later, the couple is still together and Life & Style is still printing falsehoods.

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