Kanye West “Only One” FULL VIDEO With Daughter North — WATCH HERE!

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Kanye West Only One Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Only One Video

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Kanye West’s FULL VIDEO for “Only One” premiered on Thursday, shortly after he teased a clip on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The full version, directed by Spike Jonze, features West cuddling with daughter North outside on a misty day, and pointing to the heavens above as he sings the emotional ballad inspired by his late mother. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, West surprised fans by unexpectedly releasing the new song just after midnight on New Year’s Day. The track, which showcases Paul McCartney on the keyboard, features West singing from the perspective of his mother, Donda, who died in 2007. The rapper imagines his mom talking to him from heaven, commenting on his newfound blissful life with North.

In a statement released from West’s team, it was explained that he and McCartney were improvising one day when the music he played back during their “brainstorming session” was not what he recorded. “Kanye sat there with his family, holding his daughter North on his lap, and listened to his vocals, singing, ‘Hello, my only one.’ And in that moment, not only could he not recall having sung those words, but he realized that perhaps the words had never really come from him,” said the statement.

It went on, “The process of artistic creation is one that does not involve thinking, but often channeling. And he understood in that moment that his late mother, Dr. Donda West, who was also his mentor, confidante, and best friend, had spoken through him that day.” That eventually led to the full song called “Only One,” which is what the name “Kanye” means in Swahili.

DeGeneres was in awe of the teaser when West shared it on her show, and they spoke about how becoming a father and marrying Kim Kardashian has made him a “better human being.” See the video of Kanye West discussing with Ellen DeGeneres “Only One” and North.

NOTE: The official “Only One” video is no longer available here.


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