Kanye West Offered Job By Philadelphia Police — SEE COP PHOTO!

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Kanye West Offered Job Philadelphia Police

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Offered Job Philadelphia Police

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Kanye West is being offered a job by the Philadelphia Police Department, which even went to the trouble of creating a fake photo of the rapper in uniform. See the picture below.

On Thursday, the official, verified @PhillyPolice Twitter account tweeted, “We R hiring, @kanyewest! Starting salary of $47,920; u could be debt-free by the year 3122!” Included was a link the police department’s Careers page, where prospective applicants could find out about joining “Philadelphia’s Finest.” The page notes, “The City of Philadelphia is now accepting applications online for the position of Police Officer Recruit. We are looking for the best and brightest recruits to become a member of the fourth largest police department in the nation.”

Surely West would agree that he’s among the “best and brightest,” as evidenced by his ego-driven Twitter sprees and rants. But it’s highly doubtful he’ll take up the offer to join the force. And as Gossip Cop has reported, West isn’t exactly in debt.

Though the performer wrote on Twitter that he’s $53 million in the hole, that is not money that he actually owes. Instead, the figure represents the cash he’s poured into various ventures. West is now looking to recoup his investments by finding wealthy benefactors, hence his plea to Mark Zuckerberg.

Nevertheless, the Philly Police tweet is pretty amusing, as is the photo the department created (see below). The men in blue definitely seem to have a sense of humor. Asked why their Twitter account’s header is a photo of stormtroopers seemingly under arrest, the cops wrote back Thursday, “Because the Galactic Empire — and by extension their Stormtroopers — break the law. We protect the US Constitution in this town!” West, and Star Wars fans, should take note.

Kanye West Philadelphia Police Photo

(Philadelphia Police Department/Twitter)


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