Kanye West NOT Stepping Away From Spotlight “Indefinitely,” Despite Report

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Kanye West Stepping Away Indefinitely

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Kanye West Stepping Away Indefinitely

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Kanye West is not stepping away from the spotlight “indefinitely,” despite a report from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this sensational story.

According to the National Enquirer, West has “gone off the grid.” In the wake of the rapper deleting or deactivating his social media accounts, the supermarket tabloid claims he “plans to stay away from the spotlight indefinitely.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as explaining, “Kanye never found the happiness he was looking for by being famous. In fact, if anything, the spotlight made him unhappier.”

Consequently, the gossip magazine’s supposed source maintains, “He has decided to take a break and step away.” As evidence, the outlet points to the rapper skipping the Met Gala earlier this month. “He has just had enough and doesn’t care if he is never photographed again,” alleges the publication’s purported tipster.

But these contentions are a misrepresentation of what’s actually going on with West. Yes, he passed on attending the Met Ball this year. Yes, his social media pages are currently down. But that doesn’t mean he’s disappearing for good. Quite the contrary, he’s preparing for a future return. West has been holed up working on a new album, and along with eventually debuting new music, he’ll also debut a new and improved version of himself.

West has no doubt had a trying time in the wake of wife Kim Kardashian’s robbery and his own hospitalization. He’s taken the time since to recalibrate his life, and that’s why he hasn’t been seen much. But giving up his career indefinitely? “The word indefinitely is not in Kanye’s vocabulary,” a spokesperson for the superstar exclusively tells Gossip Cop. In other words, this time out of the public eye is just temporary. He’ll be back.

Gossip Cop also must note that those truly close to West are not talking about him, particularly in regards to his mental health, with a tabloid. This magazine has repeatedly published outrageous nonsense about him, like an article last month that ridiculously claimed West was wearing a bulletproof vest everywhere. It was insisted in that tale that he was taking precautions every time he left the house, even just to go to dinner. Yet, in this new story, the music star is “off the grid” and not going out in public at all. The contradictions and inaccuracies indicate the National Enquirer is simply spreading fake news, and inconsistent fake news at that.