Kanye West: North Was Crying Because She “Wanted People To Stop Being Mean To Her Daddy”

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Kanye West North Crying

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West North Crying

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Kanye West is shedding new light on why North was in tears before his recent fashion show. Or, least, why he thinks his 20-month-old daughter was crying.

“Maybe she was just scared for her daddy,” he tells i-D. “She just wanted people to stop being mean to her daddy. Because she knows that her daddy loves the world and just wants to make it a more beautiful place.” Indeed, West went from his much-criticized Grammys rant to debuting his highly-anticipated new Adidas collection, even though many still don’t take him seriously as a designer.

As Gossip Cop reported, much was made online about North crying before West’s runway presentation began, largely based on a photo of the tot seemingly wailing with Beyoncé and Anna Wintour next to her. It wasn’t actually the big deal many outlets made it out to be, and Beyoncé even later posted an Instagram photo from the event, hailing West’s little girl as “beautiful princess North.”

West and wife Kim Kardashian also brought North to Alexander Wang’s New York Fashion Show on Saturday, where she again cried a bit. Naturally, certain webloids are again sensationalizing the incident, and even dragging Nick Minaj into it, since she was the one sitting by North’s side this time. Of course, in actuality, Minaj wasn’t bothered in the least (after all, kids do cry, and North is hardly the first kid to be at Fashion Week), and afterward posted a photo of herself with the toddler on Instagram. In other words, stop being mean to West, and North will stop crying at fashion shows.


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