Kanye West Did NOT Have “Relationship” With “Transgender Performer” Amanda Lepore

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Kanye West Amanda Lepore Relationship

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Kanye West Amanda Lepore Relationship

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Kanye West did not have a “relationship” with so-called “transgender performer” Amanda Lepore, despite unfounded speculation. A rep for the rapper exclusively tells Gossip Cop the rumors are “false.”

MediaTakeOut is exclaiming on Friday, “MTO SHOCK EXPLOSIVE: Transgender Performer Is SUGGESTING… [She] Had A ‘S*XUAL’ RELATIONSHIP… With Kanye West!!!!” But this isn’t an “MTO” original, despite what the headline leads readers to believe. The site swiped it from the New York Post. The webloid writes, “A transgender performer named Amanda Lepore is DROPPING [A] BOMBSHELL in her new book. According to the NY Post’s Page Six – the T-girl is suggesting that she used to date Kanye West.”

The online outlet then directly copies and pastes from the paper, which wrote, “After transgender New York nightlife fixture Amanda Lepore dished in her new memoir, Doll Parts, about a relationship with an unnamed rapper, sources have speculated the hip-hop maven in question could be Kanye West.” The New York Post in turn quotes from a New York Times profile: “Ms. Lepore describes having an assignation with a famous rapper whose songs often play in the clubs she frequents. Soon after, she writes, he got married, and ‘I couldn’t help but think that his wife had a similar body type to me.’”

The New York Post then asserted, “That sparked buzz that the unnamed rapper was West — now married to curvy reality queen Kim Kardashian.” And MediaFakeOut ran with it. The site regurgitated the possibility, but purposefully failed to include the rest of the original article, which included a denial of the rumor. The paper wrote, “But rap fans may have to keep guessing. A pal of Kanye’s shot down any such rumors by telling us: ‘That is not within the realm of possibility.’ Lepore did not get back to us to confirm or deny the identity of the rapper of her alleged ‘assignation.'”

MTO intentionally excluded that portion from its own story and purposefully chose not to investigate whether the speculation was true because it just wanted to run a salacious, sensational story, regardless of accuracy. Gossip Cop, however, did investigate and confirmed that the aforementioned denial is correct. West and Lapore are linked by gossip, not reality. “It’s totally false,” the rapper’s rep tells Gossip Cop. But perhaps it was wrong of us to think MediaFakeOut would’ve taken the high road and practice real journalism here. After all, this is the same outlet West famously called “so f*ckin’ full of sh*t.”

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