Kanye West Has No Plans For Taylor Swift Diss Track Response, Despite Report

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Kanye West Taylor Swift Diss Track Response

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Taylor Swift Diss Track Response

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Kanye West currently has no plans to respond to Taylor Swift‘s diss track with one of his own, despite a report claiming she hasn’t “heard the last of his wrath.” Gossip Cop can shoot down this story, which a rep for the rapper dismissed as untrue.

As Gossip Cop has reported, before and after Swift released “Look What You Made Me Do” early Friday, HollywoodLife has been peddling stories designed to capitalize on the interest in her new music. For instance, one made-up “exclusive” falsely claimed Beyonce was excited to see Swift dissing Kim Kardashian with her new song. There’s also been pieces roping in Selena Gomez and Tom Hiddleston. All of these have a common theme: The webloid wants it to seem like it has inside dish on both Swift’s new music and the reaction to it, so the site can be rewarded with traffic.

But as we’ve pointed out with each of the aforementioned stories, these articles are fabrications. And this latest one about West is just more of the same. “Kanye West Furious Over Taylor Swift’s Diss Track: She ‘Hasn’t Heard The Last Of His Wrath,'” blares the headline, while the accompanying story asserts, “Even though she hasn’t confirmed that it’s about Kimye, the ‘Fade’ rapper still received her cryptic message loud and clear, and he’s ready to fire back in a major way.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Kanye is clearly pissed over the song. When it comes to Kanye he lives in the music world and doesn’t want anyone to have a one up on him and this track is clearly going to be responded to, Taylor hasn’t heard the last of Kanye’s wrath.” Unsurprisingly, the outlet has no specifics to offer, such as when such a response will be issued. But fans shouldn’t expect to hear anything any time soon.

Asked if West plans to release his own track in response to Swift’s, a rep for the performer exclusively told Gossip Cop flat-out, “No.” Of course, it’s possible the rapper’s eventual new music will end up including some kind of pointed lyrics, but we’re told that nothing is in the works right now. In addition, as Gossip Cop has always said, real sources close to West, Kardashian and Swift, as well as many other stars, like Beyonce, Gomez and Hiddleston, don’t actually talk to HollywoodLies. Stories like these are typically manufactured by the online publication to exploit a hot topic with seeming plausible but made-up information. That’s all that’s going on here.

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