Kanye West’s New Rant: Must-Read Tweets About Taylor Swift, Macklemore, Bob Ezrin

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Kanye West New Rant Bob ezrin

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West New Rant Bob ezrin

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Kanye West went on a yet another Twitter rant late Tuesday. The rapper lashed out after music producer Bob Ezrin wrote a critical piece accusing West of not advancing the industry, but instead coming off like a side show.

Not surprisingly, West was not happy with Ezrin’s comments. He fired off more than a dozen tweets slamming the music veteran. But in true Kanye fashion, there were other targets, too. Here Gossip Cop gathers the must-read missives from West’s rant.

1. West Goes After Ezrin’s kids.
Was nothing learned from the Wiz Khalifa – Amber Rose debacle? After facing a huge backlash for dragging Khalifa and Rose’s young son into their beef, West now did it again with Ezrin. “Your kids are ashamed of their dad… Sorry for speaking about kids… but could you imagine if you were Bob Ezrin’s kids…,” West wrote in one tweet. He went on, “I’m so sorry for them… I will send them free Yeezys to make up for the embarrassment that you have caused your family!” The rapper also said later on, “Ezrin I truly feel sorry for your friends and family that they have had to suffer an idiot like you for so many years…”

2. “No Disrespect To Ben Affleck” Becomes “No Offense To Macklemore”
Ezrin’s article referenced artists he believes have been more influential than West, including Macklemore. That did not sit well with the rapper. “Bro you said Macklemore was more important musically than me,” West tweeted. He added, however, “No offense to Macklemore, he’s a nice human being!” Macklemore has not chimed in.

3. West Shades Taylor Swift… Again
West called out what he sees as unfairness in the music industry by once again piling on Swift. Though he didn’t mention her by name, he tweeted, “I made Dark Fantasy and Watch the Throne in one year and wasn’t nominated for either and you know who has 2 albums of the year.” Swift, of course, just won her second Album of the Year Grammy earlier this month. West’s biting explanation: “Welcome to pop culture!!!”

4. West Is Really Just About Positivity

Or is he? As he has several times now, West ended his screed by dramatically changing his tone. He tweeted, “God bless the fools… all positive vibes!” Of course, nothing was positive about the angry messages that came before.

And while that was it on social media, West wasn’t actually done for the night. He went on to rant again during a performance at 1Oak, where he dissed Swift once more. Stay tuned for the inevitable next round.


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