Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Moved Because Of “Vicious Falling-Out” With Kris Jenner?

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Kanye West Moved Fight Kris Jenner Kim Kardashian

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Moved Fight Kris Jenner Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did NOT move because of a “vicious falling-out” with Kris Jenner, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim, which comes from one of the tabloids.

The story can be found in the current edition of Star, the same outlet that falsely said in February Kardashian and West were getting a “$1 billion divorce.” Now the magazine alleges the couple’s decision to leave Jenner’s home for their Bel Air house “was anything but planned — it was the result of a blistering fight with the family matriarch and manager!”

“Kris has been acting tough toward Kanye and giving them a hard time about not paying rent or helping with the upkeep of the property,” a so-called “family source” is quoted as saying. “She’s also tired of Kanye’s public rants and believes they impact the Kardashian brand negatively. Most of the time, she’d bicker and complain to Kim, but last month she had it out with Kanye, and the result wasn’t pretty.”

The “yelling match” reported entailed Kardashian “playing referee,” but she “failed” at calming tensions. The supposed snitch claims, “Kim was hysterical, crying uncontrollably. When Kanye stormed out, Kim tore into her mom, and they had a nasty fight of their own. She said she couldn’t believe how mean she’d been to Kanye and accused her of trying to sabotage her marriage with all her interfering.”

Of course, in the aforementioned “divorce” story, Star had said Kardashian and Jenner were in agreement that the reality star needed to break up with West. Now claiming the opposite is just one of the problems with this new article. At the same time it came out, the whole family was on vacation together in Colorado.

If West and Jenner had such a “vicious falling-out,” why would the two willingly go on a trip together? Simple: There was no “yelling match,” and a non-existent “blistering fight” had nothing to do with Kardashian and West’s move. But when the truth fails to be as interesting, you can count on Star to put a sensational spin on things.


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