Kanye West Under “Mind Control” Is Fake News

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Kanye West Mind Control

By Michael Lewittes |

Kanye West Mind Control

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Kanye West is not under “mind control,” despite a fake news report. The wholly made-up claim was published by a site that now calls itself News Punch, but is actually the outlet YourNewsWire, which has repeatedly been caught manufacturing untrue tales about celebrities.

According to the latest fabricated article, when West was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation in November at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, he was “drugged” and “reprogrammed” as a “mind controlled slave.” The often discredited site alleges it spoke to an ER nurse who “assisted with the procedure.” The naturally unnamed “nurse” is quoted as saying that as part of West’s mind control, “They split his personality into fragments. He has twenty-six distinct personalities now. They have names.”

“They thought Kanye was a threat, and we had to neutralize him,” the supposed “nurse” says, adding, “He was drugged and tortured until he became compliant. He now has trigger words that will induce a certain response in him… words and sounds that trigger different personalities within him to come to the surface.” The seemingly concocted “nurse,” who the webloid maintains has done “mind control” on a number of other “high-profile celebrities,” concludes, “It’s cruel but it works.”

As if it weren’t insane enough, the outlet goes off on how the techniques supposedly used on West were developed by the sadistic Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele. To be sure, Mengele was a vile and despicable person, who performed deadly, unnecessary, and horrifically torturous experiments on people at Auschwitz, but he did not practice mind control. That entirely fallacious narrative can only be found on conspiracy sites. It should also be noted that “Punch News” essentially falsely accuses the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center of drugging patients to engage in cruel “mind control.”

Irrespective of how untrustworthy the website is and its outrageous claim about the rapper being under “mind control,” Gossip Cop still checked in with a rep for West, who could not believe the absurdity of the outlet’s article. We also reached out to the writer of the fake news story to see if he could provide any proof to back up his allegations.

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