Kanye West Wanting To Protect Mike Pence At ‘Hamilton’ Is “Made Up,” Says Rep

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Kanye West Mike Pence Hamilton

By Michael Lewittes |

Kanye West Mike Pence Hamilton

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Kanye West never said he wished he were at “Hamilton” to protect Mike Pence, despite a wholly fabricated article. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this completely manufactured story. We’re told it’s “totally made up.”

According to the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife, West “wants to protect Mike Pence,” and is “standing up” for the Vice President-elect. A “source” seemingly created by the webloid itself says the rapper “really wishes” he was at the November 19 performance of “Hamilton” that Pence attended because “he has a bone to pick with the cast.”

The almost assuredly fake source, who curiously only spoke to the repeatedly discredited site, says, “Kanye can’t believe that sophisticated theatre performers and their intellectual audience members had the nerve to boo Mike [Pence].” The same supposed “source” continues in very unnatural language, “Mike hasn’t signed one piece of legislation as VP and isn’t even in office (yet), and people are giving him a hard time! Kanye felt bad and had he been there he would have stood up and protected the VP-elect.”

But that’s not all to this concocted tale. The same apparently fake “source” claims, “[West] would grabbed the mic and went off on that cast and everybody in the room that scolded Pence. Ye would have given them all a history lesson at the same time… Like Mike and [Donald] Trump, Kanye knows what it’s like to be vilified just because he has a different point of view and is not PC.”

Here’s what’s going on. Mike Pence being booed at “Hamilton” was a big news story. In addition to West stating he would have voted for Trump, the rapper’s rant during his Saturday night concert in Sacramento was also a big news story. In what appears to be an effort to capitalize of both those big news stories, HollywoodLies, as it is known, manufactured this fake news story.

Among the many, many hints that the site’s article is bogus is when its “source” refers to West alternately as “Kanye” and “Ye.” It would be like a friend of Pence calling him in one sentence “Mike” and then “Michael” a second later. Actually, the webloid’s “source” also slipped in its quotes between calling the Vice President-elect “Pence” and “Mike.”

Notwithstanding that or HollywoodLife’s well-documented history of being busted for fabricating reports, Gossip Cop still fact-checked this highly improbably tale. And a rep for West exclusively tells us the rapper has not expressed his thoughts on the situation with Pence at “Hamilton.” Additionally, Gossip Cop is further assured by West’s spokesman that the site’s entire article is “totally made up.”

Kanye West Mike Pence Hamilton


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