Kanye West, Megan Blake Irwin “Cozy” Claim NOT True

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Kanye West Megan Blake Irwin Cozy

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Megan Blake Irwin Cozy

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Kanye West did NOT get “cozy” with Megan Blake Irwin, despite a sensational report that ridiculously warns Kim Kardashian to “watch out.” Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

“WATCH OUT, KIM! Scott Disick’s Ex Attempts To Cozy Up With Kanye West,” reads a headline from RadarOnline. The outlet asks, “Kim Kardashian has enough to deal with as she tries to overcome what happened to her in Paris, but does she have enough energy to fight off another woman interested in her husband?”

According to spin from the webloid, “Australian model Megan Blake Irwin — well-known for her rumored flings with Scott Disick in the past — couldn’t take her eyes off the 39-year-old rapper when she saw him at The Plaza Hotel for a private event during New York Fashion Week.”

Of course, New York Fashion Week took place more than a month ago. So, why is the site running this story now? Well, Blake spoke about the party in an interview published last week, explaining how surreal it was to be there as an up-and-coming model.

She’s quoted as saying, “I was standing next to [supermodel] Carolyn Murphy and the president of IMG Models, watching Kanye and thinking, ‘Life can’t get much better.'” But absolutely NOTHING was said about getting “cozy” with West at the bash, or even interacting with him. In fact, she and the other guests were watching him perform.

RadarOnline, however, chose to twist the situation to make it seem like West and Irwin were acting inappropriately together. The webloid even ends its piece by asking readers, “Do you think Kim should be worried about Scott’s ex?” Obviously not.

Irwin was one model at a party with many models watching West on stage. The outlet’s attempt, weeks later, to romantically link her to West is nothing more than sensational clickbait.

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Kayne West got cozy with Megan Blake Irwin.


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