Kanye West Pressuring Kim Kardashian To Lose More Weight?

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Kanye West Lose Weight Kim Kardashian

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Lose Weight Kim Kardashian

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Is Kanye West pressuring Kim Kardashian to lose more weight? That’s the claim coming from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop reveal whether the allegation is real, or a manufactured rumor.

RadarOnline writes, “Kanye West is taking his control of wife Kim Kardashian to a whole new level! According to an insider, he is pressuring her to lose more weight, and the pressure could tear them apart.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Just when Kim thought that she reached her desired weight, Kanye stepped in and told her that she should lose another 10 pounds!”

“Kanye told Kim that she still looks a little thick,” claims the supposed snitch, who goes on to note, “Her sisters are all disgusted by this. They told her that she looks phenomenal and to not listen to what he says. But everyone knows that Kim is not going to stop until Kanye is happy with the way she looks.”

The alleged tipster adds, “She is practically perfect now, but he is still fat-shaming her! Kanye is just way too harsh on Kim and she lets him really get to her.” And speaking of fat-shaming, RadarOnline ends its piece by actually asking readers, “Do you think that Kim Kardashian is perfect the way she is, or does she need to lose a couple more pounds?”

But Kardashian’s weight isn’t the real issue here. The problem is RadarOnline’s warped fixation on her marriage to Kanye West, and its desperate insistence that the couple is having marriage problems. Gossip Cop has repeatedly and accurately debunked such claims, and we’ve even pointed out the site’s inconsistency, which we can do again now.

It was just a month ago that the webloid claimed Kardashian had an “obsession” with losing weight. But now it’s West who is obsessed with her size? Right. The outlet just wanted to run a gallery of Kardashian in scantily-clad outfits, and crafted a story that would fit in with its ongoing divorce narrative. It’s both a cheap ploy for traffic and an entirely fabricated article.

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Kanye West is pressuring Kim Kardashian to lose more weight.

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